Week 19: Laura's NDAD Creation

I was quite pleased with my dress-turned-skirt this past week that I thought featuring a similar reader's ensemble would be just the thing for this week's creation! I got a lovely email from Laura...

"Your work has inspired so much creativity - thank you for sharing it with us!  Here is one of my latest reconstructed pieces."

Her before was looking a little something like this...

Laura - Before

Teal green, 3/4 length sleeves, and not feeling so hot...

Like myself, Laura took some scissors and crafted her magic into a skirt with buttons on the front as a closure.  Paired with a black top, boots and stockings, she had a chic ensemble from a not-so-chic starting point!

Laura - After

Looking fabulous lady!!

Today's giveaway is a collaboration between two of my favorite brands - Burt's Bees and OPI.  It's a lovely grouping of BB Radiance body lotion and body wash, a delicious smelling BB washcloth/scrubber, Radiance lip gloss, lemon cuticle cream, and OPI's A Little Less Conversation in an awesome yellow-goldish shade.

Day 10 Giveaway Goodies

To enter…leave a comment below with a ridiculous event or experience you've had and a winner will get picked randomly tonight (12/11) and mentioned in tomorrow’s (12/12) post.  (Bish0182 and Annadamson are the winners from yesterday's perfume bottle giveaway!)

Tied into today's goodie theme, I've been slightly traumatized by bees - aside from getting stung twice, I swallowed one in high school while on the sidelines of a field hockey game.  One was just hanging out in the plastic sip/nozzle top of a water bottle filled with sugary iced tea and when I took a gulp, something weird got lodged in my throat.  A trip to the ER and an X-ray later found that little sucker in my esophagus.  The doc said that it would dislodge on its own and the stomach acids would take care of the rest.  Since then, me and bees don't fare well aside from these creams!