Week 20: Jackie

This piece made me feel warm and in a sea of chilliness, that's all I wanted!! Jackie sent me this fabulous muumuu...

Week 20: Jackie - Before

"You work with Muu Muus  a lot so I thought I'd help and send another one to add to your list.  This one has a nice floral print and I liked the blue color, but at the end of the day, it is still a Muu Muu.  This was something I found at Value Village that reminded me of you.  Whatever you do with it, I am sure it will look better than it does right now.  A fan in New England, Jackie G."

Time to get crackin'!!

I began by cutting off the bottom!  I made a quick trim across the bottom and then smoothed the edges out with a more steady hand!

Fast Trim!

I decided to take the zipper out, so I began to cut those seams.

Out with those seams!

After some thread removal, the zipper was gone!!

Out with that zipper!

With the zipper removed, I had to take out the rest of the seam located below that was keeping the bottom of the muumuu together.

More seam removal!

With the front all open, I started to work on the wrap aspect because I'm going to make this a wrap cover up of sorts.  Not a complete wrap dress, but one to wear on top of my outfit.  I folded under a bit of the fabric up top - some on the right and left side of the opening down the front, to form a bit of a V.  (It was pinned in place but will get stitched later on down the road)

I trimmed a few threads to make a little hole on the right side of the dress at the waist.

Lil hole!

I found some pretty satin ribbon in magenta and attached a piece of it to the end of the folded material on the left side...

Pin that ribbon!

...and a bit from the hole made on the right side.

More ribbon pinning!

Quick stitch of the ribbons in place along with the folded neck and I was left with the below.  (I took the ribbon from the left side and pulled it through the hole on the right and around the dress in back to meet the other ribbon that got pulled to the left from the right, ultimately gathering and bringing the piece together where a bow was tied in place!

Wrap ready!

This was the piece that I wore to IKEA today as I was on the hunt for some wall assistance!!  I'm getting ready to hang some amazing art I found on etsy but needed some frames to put everything in.  IKEA has an awesome selection and they're all super reasonable, so a trip to the valley was taken.

Week 20: Jackie - After

We walked up the stairs and the first faux room set up included this...a sewing machine!  It was a total sign.

First stop on the IKEA train!

Who knew IKEA carried backpacks??

Back to School Fashion Show!

After getting sucked into some couch testing and rug-feeling, I finally found what I was looking for!  Frames!!

The Frames, The Frames!!

I brought a bunch of the pieces with me to make sure they all fit and I found all but one.  In lieu of finding that last frame, I found ham instead!! Who knew IKEA sold frozen hams?!


It was a totally successful trip and I even ran into a lovely reader named Susan :)  So nice to meet you!!

OK, there's no real good segway for this, so I'm just going to get into it!  I'm a total scentster - I love fragrances and the way they spark memories and just make you feel happy.  I have certain scents I wear during the day and others I wear when I go out at night and it's totally mood based for me.  Today's giveaway is for two winners!!  I have hand blown perfume bottles, one in lavender and one in red with two glitzy Goody barrettes to accompany.  I love these bottles - whether you fill them or keep them empty, they're a statement piece.

Day 9 Giveaway Goodies

I have a few little ones that sit on my vanity and I feel like I'm a part of Old Hollywood, kinda like Joan Crawford in The Women...

The Women!

...or New Hollywood like my bestie John Srednicki in Friends With Money opposite Jennifer Aniston and Catherine Keener.

JS is an awesome salesman :)

To enter...leave a comment below with a scent memory or your favorite fragrance and two winners (a bottle and hair clip for each) will get picked randomly tonight (12/10) and mentioned in tomorrow’s (12/11) post. Kissem37 was the lucky winner from yesterday's mint pack!

I will always associate Tommy Hilfiger's Tommy Girl fragrance with high school (winter especially) and my mom's '86 Volvo 760 that I got to drive senior year.  I would spritz, walk through the spritz, and then head to the car and wait in it until it warmed up and the ice melted from the windshield.  It was me and that fragrance waiting and listening to WBLI (Long Island's 106.1 because they only played Mariah Carey it seemed!) and each time I smell it I'm brought back to my sixteen year old self.