Week 19: Purse from The Swapaholics!

Today's remake comes from a fabulous swap party I attended a little while back, thrown by my favorite gals Melissa and Amy, The Swapaholics.  Everyone brought bags of fun stuff to swap and this purse was one that I tossed in my bag before I left.  I wasn't in love with it, but I wanted to make some tweaks and today those tweaks come!!  (PS, can't wait for the next LA swap M & A!) Week 19: Pink Purse - Before

Hello party purse!!

The strap length for the purse was a little awkward on my arm, so I decided to get rid of it!  I didn't completely cut off or remove the strap, I just tucked it inside.

Tuck in that strap!

I found some AMAZE glitter ribbon by American Crafts - there were too many glittery colors to pick from, but I chose gold to be some new trim for my purse!

 -Glitter Ribbon!

I'm going to add this faboosh ribbon to the edge of the clutch with my trusty glue gun.  I began on one side...

Glue down that ribbon!

...and glued the ribbon down right next to the seam.  I trimmed the ribbon to the bottom seam of the flap but didn't glue the last 1/2 inch down.

Snip the ends!

I took more of the ribbon and began to place it on the bottom of the purse.

Lining the bottom...

I glued this next piece down at the left edge of the flap, lifted the piece that was flush against the left side, and then glued it on top.  I want the ribbon on each side of the flap to cover the bottom piece, to keep it uniform.

Cover the ends!

Once the ribbon was glued in place to the purse, I took another piece of ribbon (about six-ish inches or so) and made a figure eight with it, gluing the ends together.  I then took another piece of ribbon (about an inch) and affixed this on top of the center of the figure eight, hiding the ends where the piece was secured.

Mini bow!

I glued my little ribbon to the center of the purse and it was finally finito!!

Extra bit o'flare!

Took my new clutch out on the town and it was a total hit!!

Week 19: Pink Purse - After

It even matched the display at Magnolia Bakery...

Fits right in!

I got to hang with my girlfriends and catch up a bit over yummy chicken skewers and mint chocolate cookies filled with pieces of York Peppermint Patties.  Yeah, they were amazing!


The holiday season is in full force!!

My clutch was a little bit of glam that I added to my tunic and plaid scarf, so today's giveaway ties just into that...glitz and glam for the holidays with a big, bold, rhinestone-y cuff from Loft and a Goody Luxe barrette!  The cuff is the ultimate statement piece!!

Day 11 Giveaway Goodies

To enter…leave a comment below with what makes you feel most glam and a winner will get picked randomly tonight (12/12) and mentioned in tomorrow’s (12/13) post.  (Congrats to Maggie Fossum who won yesterday's Burt's Bees/OPI giveaway!)

I feel most glam when I'm rested.  Is that weird?  Honestly, a little curl of the hair, some mascara and gloss on a full night's sleep and I feel super glamorous whether I'm in jeans or a dress.  Beauty sleep...it's no joke in my book!!