Week 20: Pam

Pam sent me this "awesomely-patterned" dress. "Marisa!!  You have to make something from this awesomely-patterned dress!!  You're awesome, so it's a perfect match.  LOL!!  The material is silky and the colors and the pattern are so chic.  Maybe a very long scarf to wear under a jacket?  I don't know, you're the seamstress!  OK, have fun!!"

Week 20: Pam - Before

Fit was all wrong, but the fabric...ooh, la, la!!  Took me a bit to decide what I wanted to do and whether to keep it looking the same but just more fitted or going in a different direction.  I decided not to listen to the soothing ladyvoice on my GPS and go a different route.

I began by cutting the dress in half!!  I'm going to work with the bottom section today.  The top half will come back another time!

Cut in half time!

There is a zipper that runs up and down the back of the dress and I took off the excess part of the it that was still attached.  We're going to be working with a zipper, just not this one!

Take out that zipper!

I began to fold under the raw edging all around the piece and then grabbed a new zipper to use!

New zipper in!

The skirt needed to be taken in a bit, so I measured the amount to cinch, and then started to pin the zipper in place to prep before sewing it down.

Pinned and ready!

Once my zipper was in place, I took my skirt to the machine and began to sew!  I stitched the waist and then took care of the zipper. I also took in the same amount below the zipper to make it streamlined and fitted.

Stitch time!

Loving my new outfit!!  Paired with tights, boots and a black short sleeved top...

Week 20: Pam - After

...I was ready to go!!

Yay, skirt!

(Here's a little close up of the skirt to see the pleated detail - it was taken sans flash!)

Flash No More!

The DIY gifts mentioned yesterday were fabulous - can't wait to work on some felted mittens and chocolate covered pretzels for my pallys!!  I've been sipping Nestle's mint chocolate hot cocoa all day...

Yummy & warm!

...and felt it appropriate to curate a batch of mint goodies to giveaway!  Included are a few packets of Nestle's peppermint hot cocoa, Noah's Naturals Rosemary Mint lotion and body wash, Brach's Peppermint Nougats, a peppermint purified water mister, and CO Bigelow's Vitamin Mentha Baby Pink Mint.

Day 8 Giveaway Goodies

There's just something so soothing about mint, so to enter...leave a comment below with your perfect way to relax and unwind and a winner will get picked randomly tonight (12/9) and mentioned in tomorrow’s (12/10) post. (PS, congrats to yesterday's winner, Amanda!)

One of my favorite ways to chill out is to draw a hot bath, fill it with my favorite body wash/bubble bath (Thymes' Kimono Rose is my go-to!), grab the latest issues of People Style Watch and Nylon (or whatever I haven't read yet), grab a glass of my homemade spa water (H2O + cucumbers and lemon) and a glass of whatever chilled white wine I have in my fridge, and just soak.  I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about how awesome that is...Friday night treat tomorrow eve??  Uh, totally.