Week 20: Quick DIY Holiday Gifts

I've been so cold lately - my place was without heat for a very long time and finally just got fixed!!  Woo!!  My home tends to be cold in general because the building is old and without much insulation, so I'm always layered up.  I thought today would be fun to show a little project that will keep you warm and in addition, it works as a fabulous gift as well - perfect for the holidays!! Start with a pair of those one-size-fits-all gloves that you can get anywhere!!  I snagged a few bunches from Target (they had packs that included two pairs for less than two bucks!) in a few different shades.

Target Gloves!

I took some felt...

Colorful Felt!

...and began to cut hearts out!  Depending on your glove colors, have fun mix and matching felt to go with them because the shapes you cut out are ultimately going to go on the gloves.  PS, feel free to cut out whatever shapes tickle your fancy...stars, ducks, flowers...

Shape Trimming!

I took some thread in a matching shade to the felt heart and began to hand stitch the hearts to the gloves.  Feel free to pin the shapes down to the glove so they don't move while you stitch your little face off!

Stitch time!

You can make the stitches as close or as far apart as you'd like or have time for - the larger the space between stitches, the less time it'll take to finish.  I took a pair and wore them immediately to warm up my fingers.  For writers out there, totally trim off the tips to make them fingerless!

Finished product!

Congrats to yesterday's winner, Lisa!  It was pretty cathartic reading everyone's pet peeves.  I kept saying, "me too" as I read and I promise you all now (Scout's honor) that I will never cut you off in a parking lot/steal your space, smack my gum, talk in a movie (that's sacred space!) or wear my pajamas out in public, unless it's because I'm sick and picking up a meds at CVS or going to a PJ-themed party and everyone is in their flannels.

Today's goodies are all about staying warm!!  Aside from a pair of your own heart-stitched gloves, a three-pack of Esprit socks (with metallic hearts and other designs), a vintage wool hat, some Nivea lip gloss (to keep from the chapped-ness) and a Weleda variety pack of Wild Rose creams and lotions are included!

Day 7 Giveaway Goodies

To enter, leave a comment below with one of your favorite DIY gifts that either you've made or received and a winner will get picked randomly tonight (12/8) and mentioned in tomorrow’s (12/9) post.  One of my favorite handmade gifts was a scrapbook from a vacation I took with a bestie - I saved receipts/tickets/business cards/etc and color copied lots of photos and added them into the book with commentary, stickers, and more commentary.  It took a long time to create but it was totally satisfying to finish such a cool present that didn't cost much moolah!!  DIY gifts are the best!!