Week 20: Miu Miu Copycat

So, I absolutely loved this Miu Miu piece when I saw it... Miu Miu

...and then was shocked when I found my version which...wait for it...has a photograph taken somewhere, but is inaccessible at the moment.  My old computer is in a bit of a tizzy and is getting some work done at the Apple store!  This pic was one that was floating in the ether, and wasn't backed up.  I'm a bit crazy when it comes to backing things up, but there were a batch of new looks that were just hanging in iPhoto.  So, for now, let's just imagine that there is a big, long-sleeved polyester jacket, super boxy, down to my ankles in the print you shall see below.  I'm reshooting all the newbie pieces that are in the Bermuda Triangle so this won't happen again.  PS, thanks to my dad for letting me steal, er, borrow his lovely silver Mac in the interim.

The pattern of the Miu Miu piece and the one I found was uncannily similar, so I wanted mine to look cute enough to wear out when it was finished, especially because it cost me one dollar!!

First thing I did was to trim the piece a bit - I took off about a foot in length.

Shorten up!

This length is going to come in handy for a few reasons.  Number one reason, buttons to use on the button-less cuffs!

Buttonless Cuffs!

One cuff was without all three buttons and the other cuff was without one button.  With a quick trim, I removed four buttons from the excess material...

Button Removal!

...and hand stitched them on!  Because the knots were in place where the original buttons sat, I just used them as markers of where to stitch down.


I trimmed a few sashes from the excess material...

Trimming bits from the leftovers!

...turned the fabric under and pinned the right sides together.

Fold & Pin!

Post-pin, I stitched down the raw edges.


Once everything was stitched, I turned the sashes inside out...

Inside Out!

...and stitched each one to the end of the collar.


Once the sashes were pinned, they were stitched down next, and while I was as it, I took the arms and body in just to make it more fitted.

Almost done!

Post-tweaks, my new top looked just like this!

Miu Miu Copycat - After

I met up with my favorite gal RN and the first thing she said was, "I love your jacket".  Best way to get me in a good mood before a long and amazing catch up session with hot green tea!

Jacket ECU!

Post-sesh, we cruised around and found a shiny reindeer just hanging on the wall...

Me and Rudy!!

It felt like I was in the woods with my metal doe, my brown jacket, and my runny nose, except I was not.  I was instead at an outdoor mini-mall with a Starbucks, Trader Joe's and the TMZ offices.

I loved, loved, loved reading everybody's favorite TV characters - I think that I would have fun watching TV with so many of you guys, from reruns of Northern Exposure to Parks & Rec (my fantasy football team name is derived from that show)!  The winner from Day 5's goodies is Erinsmith14!!  Today's goodies include a batch of some very cool and woodsy things.

Day 6 Giveaway Goodies

Three costume-vintage necklaces, one gold one of a tree and two wooden ones, along with a vintage, crocheted change purse in ivory.  They necklaces are lovely additions to the jewelry cabinet and I think you can always use another change purse.  I have one that holds my Dr. Pepper and Lip Smackers chap sticks in my purse and two that hold change, lots and lots of change for the ridiculously expensive parking meters that have to be fed up until 8pm most nights and even on Sundays in LA.  Ri-dic-ulous.

To enter, leave a comment below with one of your biggest pet peeves and a winner will get picked randomly tonight (12/7) and mentioned in tomorrow’s (12/8) post.  I obviously have issues with the parking meters but another one of my peeves are drivers not using their blinkers appropriately. The season is about giving, however we're all allowed to get on our soapbox every once in a while, right?

Dear yellow VW Beetle,

If you're going to be making a left turn from the left lane and you choose not to put your blinker on and just hang in the middle of the street while the cars behind you wait to see what you're doing so we don't get into an accident, please don't plan on me baking you cookies this holiday. (Breath - that was one very long sentence.)  I know where you live.  That's all.

Very best, Marisa