Week 20: Monday

Happy Monday friends!! I hope everyone is staying warm - I woke up with chapped lips from the Santa Ana winds that infiltrated Los Angeles and have been poppin' Claritin to minimize the headaches.  With that being said, fun new post with a remake will return tomorrow!  (PS, just insert my head in the below pic, take away the skateboard, and pretend the hair is blond and that was me!!)

Winds! (courtesy of LA Times)

I can't get over all the amazing recipes you guys shared yesterday - I was salivating as I was going through each comment!  Maria's rustic italian olive bread, Barbi's spaghetti squash lasagna, and RABauer's Swäbisch.  Yummy!!  The winner of the goodie pack is Lauraly (congrats!) but because there were so many foods I was impressed with, I have three honorable mention winners (Jennifer Mohrmann, Paula, and ArtisticinAZ) who will receive one cooking tool as well!

Today's giveaway is one close to my heart, drum roll please...

...the first season of 30 Rock (one of my fave TV shows) and Liz Lemon notecards by Rifle Paper Co., my FAVORITE paperie!  Woo!!  OK, the notecards are all different citrus fruits, but lemon was the one sitting on top, so I made the name change.  (Oh, and for those who don't watch 30, Liz Lemon is Tina Fey's character.)  This could perhaps be one of my most favorite giveaways this month and will tide over the seasoned viewer or the new fan until new episodes begin in January!

Day 5 Giveaway Goodies

To enter, leave a comment below with your favorite TV character and a winner will get picked randomly tonight (12/6) and mentioned in tomorrow’s (12/7) post.  Liz Lemon currently rules in my book, but my all time favorite was Angela Chase (Claire Danes) from My So-Called Life.  I wanted to be her - I wanted red hair, I wanted Jordan Catalano to grab my hand and walk down the hall with me, and I wanted Buffalo Tom to be played in the background.  Clip in mention is below.

I will recreate this someday.  I will go anywhere with you Jordan Catalano.