Week 20: Cooking Club!

My monthly cooking club dinner was this evening and we got to share it all with some very special guests - our mothers!! Mamas & Daughters!

It was our second annual 'Mother & Daughter' dinner and the most fun night to catch up with each other and hear such awesome stories of pregnancies, things we did when we were kids, foods we ate, and how we all got the chicken pox.  (I remember throwing up into a pond on a field trip the next to last day of fourth grade and then coming home and seeing pox all over my belly.  The saddest thing...I missed the last day of school the following day!)

MW hosted at her beautiful casa and the table setting was to die for!!

La Table!

The veggies, to go along with a sun-dried tomato dip made from a Barefoot Contessa recipe and a melted brie/pecan/brown sugar mixture in a hollowed out sourdough bowl, were so meticulously displayed that I didn't want to disrupt the placement!!  (I ended up going with the celery.)

Artsy Crudité

We feasted on a dinner of roasted tomato and basil soup, baked chicken, string beans, truffled mashed potatoes (I made it from this Epicurious recipe), a cranberry mold (courtesy of my mama) and these delish desserts below...


We left full in bellies and full in spirits - such a treat of a night to get to spend with my incredible ladies!!

Because of all the cooking that was going on in my apartment today, I couldn't resist a cooking themed giveaway for Day 4!!  First off, congrats to Rebecca Williams who won Day 3's goodies!!  In today's prize pack, it's all about preparing and creating with lots of amazing Betty Crocker tools and treats!  Measuring cups, measuring spoons, a compact grater, basting brush, silicone spatula, an oven mitt, and a package of Betty's sugar cookies which makes for awesome holiday treats!  (PS, there are also recipes on the back of the cardboard packaging too!)

Day 4 Giveaway Goodies

To enter, leave a comment below with your favorite thing to cook or your most epic recipe and a winner will get picked randomly tonight (12/5) and mentioned in tomorrow’s (12/6) post.  It's so hard to name just one, but I'm such a Mexican food junkie that I adore making quick and easy nachos (with Baked Tostitos) piled high with toppings (cheese, black beans, tomatoes, scallions, roasted corn, peppers, and more cheese) and baking them in the oven until they become all gooey and yummy.  Kinda like my favorite ones from Loteria Grill!

One of the keys to my heart!

Pair with a cerveza and I'm a happy, happy girl :)  Good luck!!

...and, to the potential winner, if you ever need a taste tester or someone to nibble on over/under cooked baked treats, I'm an excellent candidate, just sayin :)