Week 20: Audrey's NDAD Creation

I'm getting so excited reading through all your awesome comments - I'm in such a scent mode after reading everyone's holiday favorites. I want to immerse myself in pine, baked cookies, Crabtree & Evelyn's Noel, and mulled wine, but that to sip :) Today's NDAD piece was submitted by Audrey - it was  fun and floral and made me happy!!

"My name is Audrey and I'm 18 years old. Your blog is so much fun to look at, I actually check it every day!  I think the mentality of re-using ugly dresses to make something new without spending a lot of money is a great way to see things.  I'm so glad that a lot of people appreciate what you do, because your ideas embody the direction our world needs to go to be more sustainable and less reliant on cheap labor and imports.  Thank you for your kind words Audrey - makes me a happy gal to read!

My mom taught me how to sew, and she loved my new recycled projects so much that she told my grandma about it!

Audrey - Before

The dress pictured is from my grandma, who wore it at her 50th wedding anniversary but gave it to me to work on.

Let's see what Audrey does!

I cut off the string belt on each side, took in the sides a few inches, and shortened it a lot. The neckline fell pretty nicely so I just left it!

Audrey - After

I've already worn it to school and received several compliments from people who were surprised that it came from my grandma!

Side pose!

Doesn't look like your grandma's dress anymore, Audrey!!  Thank you so much for sharing your piece with us - you look fantastic!  Pair this with tights and a cardigan and you'll have a piece ready for the winter!

The gift giving continues and congrats to Day 2's winner, Erin Brayton, woo!!  Today's prize is totally stemming from the florals in the above piece (PUN!!!)!  I love flowers and taking showers, so Primal Elements' lotus flower soap (with water lily, jasmine, and rose notes - my favorite trio) is being given away as one of my favorite things.  Along with the soap, there's a Sally Hansen Miracle Care Lip Gloss, and a pair of pink, rhinestone/dangling/beaded costume earrings!

Day 3 Giveaway Goodies

To enter, leave a comment below with your favorite flower and a winner will get picked randomly tonight (12/4) and mentioned in tomorrow’s (12/5) post.  For me, aside from the trio above on the scent front, I'm a hydrangea fan.  I love them, their size, and the purple/pinkish shades they come in.  Good luck!!