Week 21: Sequins Party!!

To start off, I must say that all the comments from yesterday's post with your fave Muppets/fave TV shows as a kid made me SO happy and brought back so many lovely memories!!  I loved Pee Wee's Playhouse, Muppet Babies (I can sing the theme song right now!), Ren & Stimpy, Jem, and Sesame Street like a bunch of you guys too.  I want to have a viewing party to reminisce!! Today's piece is actually something I came across on my own, for a buck.  The color was rocking, the sequins were rocking, but I  didn't really know what it was.

Week 21: Sequins Party - Before

There was a nylon-ish material that made up the top of this piece and a knit sequined material at the bottom with that same nylon-y material lining the inside of it.  There were slits in the front and the back (I think it was the front and back, if I was holding it right) but I just couldn't figure out how this was worn in the past.  But, I will tell you friends...I knew exactly how it was going to be worn in the future!!  Whoot, whoot!

To the sequins!!

The first thing I did was to get rid of that lining!  With a seam ripper, I began to remove the nylon material little by little.

Liner removal!

Slow and steady, I got through one side of the knit sequins...

Ohhhh, we're halfway there!

...and then got to the other side!  I was left with all that liner goodness that I'll hold onto for another day.

Excess liner!

I was left with this awesome sequined knit material with two large slits!!


This is going to become a rocking mini skirt, so each side has to be closed up.  I took some pins and began to pin together the openings.

Pin edges!

I found a few holes in the knit material that I quickly stitched up (that lining hid all the imperfections!!)...

Hole mending!

...before stitching together each side of my new skirt!!  I hand stitched my way down each side and closed up shop!  The material was stretchy too, so all I was going to have to do was pull it on and off - no clasp or zipper necessary -  which made it super easy.

Bringing edges together!

I had my first holiday shindig of the year tonight, so this skirt was just the thing to wear.  It was a slightly "late 80s/early 90s themed, cocktail optional" party with a music mix of Oasis' Live Forever/Salt n' Pepa's Whatta Man/Madonna's Vogue/Wreckx'n Effect's Rump Shaker, Hostess snacks, and a photo station with props.  Yeah, a photo station with props.  Here's some evidence:

Party time!!

I took my new sequined skirt and paired it with tights, boots, and a short sleeved turtleneck top with a vintage necklace to go along with prop glasses and princess wand.

The snacks I mentioned earlier, those of the Hostess variety, were displayed like a collage on the table.

Party snacks!!

Couldn't resist taking a Sno Balls package, just because they were there.  I don't like Sno Balls, but I enjoy the seasonal element and well, tis the season.  I needed a photo to document.

Snowball time!!

Faking eating a Sno Ball while dancing to Shaggy's Boombastic...entertainment for all those who were outside by the fire pit.

Same bite!!

We didn't just stop at the photo station once, either.  We made our presence known multiple times.  The prop table was amazing - real candy canes (I'm not fake eating this right now!), neon sunglasses made for children, velvet gloves, reindeer headbands, Santa hats, and corsages!

Prop table!!

Once we grabbed our gear again, we smiled for the camera!

Final pic of the night!!

Such a fun night to ring in the holidays!!

Now, to the gift giving :)  The winner from Day 1 was thatamandagirl!  Woo, congrats lady!  Many more giveaway days to come, so make sure you get those comments in!  Today's giveaway is more seasonal - to tie into my first holiday party of the year,  we're going with mood lighting, some mood scents, and some mood flair!!

Day 2 Giveaway Goodies

I'm a candle gal, so today's giveaway includes a mixed palette of glass votive candle holders (and tea lights) from Pier 1 and my favorite holiday scent - Root Candle's Hollyberry - to go along with the beads I wore this evening complete with three jingle bells!

To enter, leave a comment below with your favorite holiday scent that makes you get ready for the season and a winner will get picked randomly tonight (12/3) and mentioned in tomorrow's (12/4) post.  For me, aside from the Root candle, I love the scent of smoke coming from a chimney when I'm outside in cold weather.  That kicks the holiday season into gear for me!