Week 21: Stephanie Part II

So, today's piece comes from that fab 80s dress my gal Steph sent me last week.  (Refresher HERE!!)  The before looked like this... Week 21: Stephanie Part II - Before

...and I made this necklace from the top of it...

Le Necklace!!

Today I'm working with that chunk of fabric that fell at my thighs.  I unstitched the seam between the top and the bottom, giving me this...

The top!

...and this.

The leftovers - Before

Time to make the donuts!!

The sash was attached to the big skirt, so I began to remove the seam that was keeping them together!


Once there were two pieces - the long sash (literally like five feet long!) and the skirt (literally like a pillow sham with two open edges instead of one), I put the sash to the side and focused on the skirt.  I removed one of the seams that went down the side of the skirt to open it and make it one long piece of fabric.  I'm turning this into a wrap skirt, so I took the material and played around with it (wrapped around my waist) to see how much I'd need to cover my legs up without overexposing!  There was about 10 inches of material that I didn't need, so I folded the fabric under at one side and pinned this layer down to the bottom one.

Tweaking edges!

I took that long sash and centered it smack dab in the middle of the skirt material.  I took the two right sides and began to pin them together.

    Reattach time!

Once the material was attached with pins, I began to stitch the new skirt in place!

Stitch time!

Because the sash was so long, I was going to make a big, ol bow to tie it together with!!

My skirt was totally ready for the 82 degree day!!  It's deceiving isn't it?  Fall leaves, almost December, in a tank top??

Fall leaves!!

I was totally reminded of this ASOS skirt, from the actual shade of royal blue to the bow itself.  It works as a fun 'essence of' piece...

Asos's Blue Version - $27.47!

...as well as Modcloth's skirt, that had more of the flowy vibe, just in a different color.

Modcloth's Olive Version - $49.99

The ASOS skirt originally retailed for $54.54 but is now on sale for $27.27 and Modcloth's retails for $49.99.  My version is a little bit of both - a wrap but less of a mini :)

My kind of November!!

My favorite part of this skirt is that it seamlessly moves from day to night.  Since it did not stay so cozily warm when the sun went down, I paired the skirt with stockings, boots, a cardi, and a very long scarf.

By night!

Now this is looking a little more like November :)


There's still more to be done with this fab blue dress!!  Stay tuned!!!