Week 22: Laura & Evie's NDAD Creation

Two words sold me on today's remake from Laura - INSTANT CUTENESS!! I think you'll all see why in just a few...

"Now, our model today is Evie and in an in-between size right now.  2T fits, but is too short, and 3T in general is too wide and sometimes too short.  More often than not, it's Aunt Laura to the rescue! (All of her dresses that fit come from the my-Aunt-Laura-loves-me collection.)  This example was from a local consignment sale.  We paid $1.50 for the outfit.  It's a 3T, and while the capris fit, the shirt was both too wide and too short. 

Um, look at this beauty!!  What a gorgeous little gal!!

Laura - Before

We also hated the strings at the shoulders, so that needed fixing too.

The strings, the strings!

I'm not a fan of those strings either Laura!!  Let's see how the rest of it turns out... First thing we did is dye some lace from my stash, petal pink.  While it was drying, I took in the shirt and then broke out the stitch ripper to take off the strings and a bit of the side stitching so I could add lace to the bottom so that her tummy didn't show when she raised her arms.  After trimming the lace for width - I buy this wide and in bulk and then trim to match what I need - (brilliant idea Laura!!)

I sewed it to the bottom and added beading lace with pink ribbon.  To replace the strings and to tie it all together, I added some lace to the shoulders.  This makes it harder for her to just pull it off, which is a plus for any toddler!  And last, I added bows to the bottom on the beading lace and ribbon. 

Evie in her after ensemble!

Pop it on, put pink bows in her hair, and you have instant cuteness!"  I love me some instant cuteness!!!

I'm obsessed with this Laura - way to give new life to this piece for Evie!!  I think that these adjustments are fantastic, because whether you find a piece at a consignment store like you did, or take a piece from a growing child's wardrobe, you can most definitely lengthen the breadth of a garment without spending much money at all.

I told my mom that when I have a child she/he will be enjoying the fruits of refashioning and we may or may not look like twins :)  Thanks for sharing Laura!!