Week 21: Beverly

So, today's piece didn't get mailed or shipped from anywhere, it came from my lovely mother's closet!!  As she was sorting through clothes and taking out pieces she didn't want anymore over the holiday weekend, this was one that got yanked from the rotation. Week 21: Beverly - Before

A thin, tan cardi from Target was what I got ("...I said remember that!").  As soon as I got this in my hands, I knew exactly what I was going to do!  I was in H&M recently and found this cardi that I loved...

Cardi courtesy of H&M

Burberry has their own version too, just priced a little under $700.

Burberry does leather pockets!

Leather-ish pockets to jazz up a sweater - check and check for today's piece!

I went to Joann's to grab some faux suede (aka Ultrasuede!!) for the cardigan.  I wanted there to be a subtle color difference between the sweater shade and the shade of the pockets, so I went with a chestnut color.  Holiday sale prices got me 1/2 yard for less than two bucks!

Faux Suede!

I took a paperback book and used it as a tracing guide for the pockets.  I marked the wrong side of the fabric with a Sharpie...

Pattern Tracing!

...and then trimmed.

Post-trim & trace!

I began to fold the edges under and press them down to make the edges completely straight.

Fold & Iron!

Once the pockets were pressed, I began to affix them to the cardi with pins.  I measured and made sure both pockets were placed equidistant from the buttons in the center.

Pin in place!

I found matching thread and began to hand stitch this in place, going around the three sides leaving the top one open.

Just a little hand stitchin'

Once the three sides were stitched to the cardi, I began to stitch the raw edge on the top side under, leaving a clean seam and a place for me to stick my hands or leave my lip gloss.

One down!

Once I completed both sides, I had a new cardi ready to wear!!  I was feeling the brown today, so I wore a vintage scarf around my neck to bring out the colors in the sweater.

Week 21: Beverly - After

I loved how this came out!!  It's so easy to go through the stash of sweaters under your bed (yes, I'm talking to you!!) or grab one while thrifting and add a little bit of flare to make them extra special.  Have fun with the fabric too - I went the Ultrasuede route, but you can always do something patterned, blingy, or textured.

Cardi ECU!!

I stopped at a girlfriend's today and saw that I matched the curtains at her place, making it the perfect picture.

Matchy matchy!

It reminded me of Garden State and the scene where Zach Braff literally matches the wallpaper.

Such Great Heights

I lucked out that it wasn't identical :)

Thank you to my cute mother for handing off this Targé sweater.  Love it!!