Week 22: Thanksgiving!

Hi friends!!  Just wanting to wish everyone a most fabulous Thanksgiving with good friends, family, and those you love :) I found the perfect thing to wear (for 75 cents!!) a few months ago and quickly purchased it knowing that I would most definitely be wearing it for turkey day.  This came cheap and didn't need any altering...

Gobble Gobble!!

Turkey trucker hat, check!

I wore a vintage yellow floral blouse with my jeans to go with this hat while I prepared a divine pecan, bourbon, and butterscotch bread pudding (recipe here at Epicurious) from start...

Hand mixers rule!

to finish...


It happens every year, but the tryptophan did it again!  Sleepy time came pretty soon after the meal was complete.

Ms. Carver!

This hat may become part of my Thanksgiving tradition from here on out, just sayin!  What are some of your yearly traditions??  Would love to hear!

Sending warm, fuzzy wishes everyone's way and those who are battling Black Friday sales, g'luck!!