Week 25: Lucia's NDAD Creation

Today's remake is from Lucia in Arkansas! "Here is probably my favorite project I've done in the past few months.  I found an amazing zippered house coat, satin with this great leopard print.  There is a cherry blossom design over the leopard print, it really is pretty.

Lucia - Before

Let's see what Lucia does with this housecoat!!  I love me some satin!

I chopped it off to make a blouse and using the material from the bottom built a wrap.  The wrap top is great on voluptuous frames like mine, and I'm all about adding cleavage to everything ha ha!   This is so comfortable and makes me feel great every time I wear it."

Lucia - After

You could even work it as a Halloween costume because of the leopard print.  Grab some cat ears, a tail, and voila...instant costume!

Thank you for sharing Lucia - mwah, you look fabulous!!