Week 25: Jean-Marie

I got this super-fabulous dress sent to me from Jean-Marie (I was almost ready to write Jean-Marisa because of habit!) in Connecticut. Week 25: Jean-Marie - Before

"I was at an estate sale a few weeks ago and bought a lot of upholstery from the seller.  I brought home two bags full and this dress was stuck in the mix.  Since it's not my size, I thought it could work on you.  You might hate it, but I thought it would be worth a try.  Hope you use it! JM"

This piece brought a smile when I opened the envelope - it had a 60s feel, because of the awesome neck, and was yellow and happy.  There's a lot going on - the print is bold - but I have a kitschy event that this will work perfectly for, so the adjustments will be easy.

Because of my fondness of the neck, I wanted to keep that intact.  The pattern was a bit much because of the length, so I decided to cut it shorter.

Trimming Short!!

Like I mentioned above, I had a kitschy event to attend put on by a family friend, Allee Willis.  Allee rules - she's written some of my favorite songs (and yours perhaps as well) like the Earth, Wind & Fire hit September and curates her own Museum of Kitsch on her site - CLICK HERE!  The show was a mix of music (cue Neutron Dance, the theme song to Friends, Pet Shop Boys' What Have I Done to Deserve This) and stories and kitschy eats so all I did was hack off the bottom to make it something that Cindy Brady might wear...

Week 25: Jean Marie - After

..., which ended up being perfect because the real Cindy Brady was there.


Yep, I picked the right outfit :)  The drinks were a-floatin...

Kitschy Drinks!

...and I snagged my favorite!!  I think the last time I had a Yoo Hoo was when I moved six years ago.  Beer and pizza was bought for my friends who helped out, but for some reason all I wanted was a Yoo Hoo.  Go figure!

Yoo Hoo!!!

The snacks couldn't have been more fun either.  PS, that bacon pound cake was pretty delish.

Kitschy Snacks!

Aside from the dress being totally Brady-worthy, I also matched the lady of the hour.  Allee was working a similar palette, so as soon as I saw her outfit, I knew I picked the right dress.

We Match!

JM, thank you so much for sending this wonderful piece.  I hope the upholstery fabric makes you some awesome projects!