Week 25: Yelena

Hey guys! Just a little update - things are going to get back on the regular in a little over a week.  I'm in the final stages of manuscript-dom and will have everything submitted early November.  You guys have been so awesome and supportive and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it all.  I'm over-caffeinated...

Never ordered a Venti until a month ago...

...and I think my laptop has permanently fused to my thighs, however I couldn't be more excited and I've become a pro in the bad reality TV department as it's been on in the background while sewing my face off.  Long Island Medium, who knew and where was she when I was living there?!?

Let's just say that the final bit of November and all of December is going to be rockin.  Lots of goodies to hand off, some home decor DIY-ness to unveil, and perhaps another theme week or two :)

Today's piece comes from Yelena...

I found my first mu-mu Marisa and I'm sending it to you!  I live in South Florida and you'd think there would be mu-mus everywhere down here, but I haven't had much luck.  I have found some great 60s pieces though which I've been working on trying to make them work.  You would be proud :)  Anyway, I think you will be able to make this work.  I will be taking notes for when I find my second mu-mu.  Luck and love, Y

Yeah, I was obsessed with the print and loved the boho-ness of it except my crappy point and click camera decided to take a blur-cation for this one.  Unfortunately I didn't scope it out before I started working on it, so all I've got is this.

Week 25: Yelena - Before

I'm turning this camera in friends for a very cool, used, SLR one I've found on Amazon...I'm definitely at fault a bit as I have butter fingers and drop things like they're going out of style.  The camera has most definitely seen better days.

Regardless of the photo, this is going to be perfect for fall and already, I know right off the bat I'm going to pair my chestnut eBaoots (eBay & Boots) with it.

Just like the beat, the first thing I did was turn the muumuu around.

New front!!

I'm going to do some trimming up there, but I want to stitch up the opening that was on the original front as I want to keep this new seam down the center in the back of the piece.  I took pins and clamped together, using the gold trim as the guide.

All pinned up!

Got my machine threaded and stitched a new seam to keep it closed.


OK, back to the front of the piece.  I'm going to do some freehand trimming, so give the top of the dress a scoop.

My first go looked a little something like this.

First trim!!

The second time was the charm for me!  After I trimmed, I pinned the edges and stitched a new seam.

New seam time!!

I ended up taking it up top and trimming the sleeves a smidge - I wanted to bring it in a little bit before belting and cinching it.

Once the dress was all done, I paired it with my eBaoots and headed off to a quick lunch at Benihana!

Week 25: Yelena - After

I got a gift certificate for my birthday and there's one just a few minutes away, so I took a little break to hang with this guy...


...and be enamored by the amazing chef going to town with his Nikiri knives.  There was a couple at my table who ordered the works, so it was fun seeing lobster, filets, and my favorite, the onion volcano get prepped by the rockin' chef.

Smokin' Onion!

Totally reminded me of a recent How I Met Your Mother episode...

If only NPH were at my table...

It was a lovely little break in the day complete with protein!!

Chopsticks down!

Yeah, I've only been making quick things as of late, so the bit of steak I got was just what the doctor ordered.

Happy weekend friends!  Yelena - thank you for this fun piece!!