Week 25: Birthday Tank!!

yIt was my birthday over the weekend - I turned the big 3-2!!  (PS, thank you to all those who sent notes/emails/cards my way - I was ecstatic to receive all the warm wishes and love!)  It's my Magic Johnson/David Beckham year (#32)!!  (I'll leave out that OJ Simpson also wore 32.  We both went to USC, that's all we have in common!) So, I went a bit themey on the top I wore for the day.  Not throwing a big shindig this year, as my deadline is a week away, but will do some sort of belated birthday/holiday/housewarming celebrating later where I am totally going to try to make a version of this...

Pink Ombre Cake!! (Fell in love with this from Glorious Treats!)

Since sweets were on the mind, and it was National Sweetest Day...

Sweetest Day!

I couldn't resist a little DIY geared in that direction.

I took a red tank along with some pink lace to start.  I'm going to add a little embellishment to the tank top...a fabric cupcake!

Trim a swatch of lace

Once I had my swatch of lace, I gathered it together to form what would ultimately be the icing and began pinning it to the tank.

Icing, yum!!

Once it was pinned down...

Pinned in place!!

...the cake part was next.  I drew lines with chalk to designate what I wanted the cake to look like.

It's beginning to take shape!

Once my lines were down, I took some ivory colored felt, and trimmed a piece in a trapezoid shape (and I never thought I'd use that term after geometry in 9th grade)...

Felt time!

...took some awesome Tulip Fabric Markers to give the felt some depth, making those paper cupcake holder lines...


and began to sew the cupcake holder down!

Drawn and pinned!

Once my cupcake was sewn down, I took some trim from the collection and snipped a piece off...

Cupcake topping!

...for my cherry, er blueberry on top!!

I decided that this was how I was going to spend my 'Treat Yo Self" birthday!!

Birthday tank complete!!

(Reference to my favorite show Parks and Recreation - clip below for those who don't watch or just need to see it again!)

It was so good I almost took a real bite out of it!


OK, well not really.  I did go to town on this though.

Nom Nom Nom!

Post-cake, I got to celebrate with Lady Gaga, Usher, Kenny Chesney, Stevie Wonder, and the former President Clinton at the Clinton Foundation concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

Birthday concert!

Bono even sang Happy Birthday to me :)

A totally lovely birthday celebration this year!!  Will doc the belated shindig in a few months to really celebrate!!  It may even involve a few costume changes...