Week 25: Emily's NDAD Creation

Being that it's my birthday weekend... Cupcake Time! (Courtesy of Cupcakes Take The Cake)

...I had to share this creation with you guys that I got from Emily for her daughter.  (My fun bday outfit will be shared tomorrow!!)

This is what she sent!

"Way back in early-ish 2010 when I first found your blog I thought, "I should try this!" but of course, never got around to it until now.  I actually used to re-make thrift store clothes into garments for my younger sister when I was a kid, all by hand - not so much to wear, as to play in, but I identified with your blog right away.  :)

My daughter is celebrating her ninth birthday next week, and she loves fashion.  My sewing machine has been put away for at least five years and she's been begging to learn to use it, so I figured it was time.  We sat down the other day and got busy on our first garment, this faboo '80s frock - now re-envisioned as a party dress for a nine year old young lady.

Emily's Gal - Before

Did someone say party dress??

We added a ribbon trim and bow to both the neckline and waistline, removed the shoulder pads, shortened the sleeves, and added the cuffs to the edges of the new cap sleeves and turned the skirt into a cute bubble skirt.  She loves it!! Oh, and we bought it for $3.49 at a Thrift Store :)"

Emily's Gal - After

Way to go girls!!

Budget party dress in pink sounds like the perfect birthday dress - absolutely love it!  Plus a little mother/daughter sew time is always amazing.  Hope the birthday was a smash!!