Week 26: Sarah

Today's piece comes from milady Sarah. Week 26: Sarah - Before

She writes...on pretty stationary...

"I found this at a resale shop and intended to make a shirt, skirt, or something out of it (but never did!) I know that you will turn it into something great!"

Sarah's cute stationery!

I mean it was from Daisy Fuentes' line for Kohl's...


...and she was legit back in the 90s (when MTV actually played videos) VJ'ing with Dan Cortese and Eric Nies...

Oh, how I loved MTV's The Grind... (Photo courtesy of LIFE Magazine)

...so I had to do her justice along with Sarah.

Let's do it!! (Insert Jock Jams here...)

I turned the dress upside down and made a snip on the hem

Snip, snip!

I only cut through the front of the material, as I'm going to make this a drawstring top now.  I grabbed some ribbon and a safety pin...

Trusty tools!

..and pinned one end of the ribbon to the safety pin, as the pin is going to guide the ribbon all the way around.

Push that through!

In one end and out the other!

Weave time!

Now that the top had been fixed, it was time to hit the other end.  I cut the arms and neck off, trimming a straight line across the top.

Trimming the top!

I prepped the hem, pinning it in place...

Pin the hem!

...and stitched it down.

Stitch the hem!

The outcome...a perfect top for a sweat-filled, 96 degree day.  Yeah, that's right.  It's hot out and almost mid-October/birthday time and I'm in a strapless top!

Week 26: Sarah - After

I cinched the waist with a belt to give it some shape, pulled it out for a billowy effect, and even threw a sweater on as it got later and started to hit the 80s :)


I mean, there was a light ocean breeze...

Yeah, it's October.

This weather might just adjust the birthday outfit on Saturday...we shall see!

Thank you for sending this my way Sarah!!