Week 27: NY Day 2

I found today's piece while on the hunt for dresses to wear to my summer weddings. Week 27: Day 2 - Before

I loved it because it reminded me of Reality Bites and RB holds a special place in my heart, including the awesometown soundtrack...my, my, my, my Sharona!

"He's so cheesy, I can't watch him without crackers."

(Side note - once the book is turned in, I'm revisiting some of my inspiration pieces and making garments inspired by them.  Just get ready, because it's gonna be on in a little over a month!!)

The piece fit me pretty well, but there was a huge issue.  Holes!!  On each seam, the fabric was ripped somewhere.

Yep, that's a hole!

I mean the holes were literally everywhere!

More holes!

This is a case where just because something is heavily ripped, doesn't mean that it has to be tossed aside...

The fixes here were rather simple.  Pin the openings on the seams...

Close up those holes!

...and stitch 'em down!

Stitching everything up!!

It took a bit of time to stitch them all up, but we got them!!  Woo, each and every hole was shut!  Because the dress was a bit sheer-ish, I took a slip and wore it underneath.  Paired with some vintage boots and my denim jacket, I took off for the day.

Because I was only in NY for a brief chunk of time, I took full advantage of lots of walking!!

Started at the Highline....

View from the Highline

...stopped off at a flea market in Hell's Kitchen...

Vintage gold!

...and took lots of photos of the amazing wares.

Handmade baskets!

I didn't end up getting anything as my suitcase had no leeway and I was determined to fly with just my carry-ons. (PS, totally successful!!)

Awesomeness in a suitcase!

After a quick freshening up and a jaunt through Central Park...

Central Park is my homeboy

...I made it to the theater!!  Met up with my fabulous Aunt P for some Sister Acting!!

"I will follow him, follow him wherever he may go..."

One of my favorite people (yay CB!!) is in it and I've been jonesing to see him perform his first Broadway show!!  I was a proud mama bear cheering for him each time he made his way on stage.  The perks of being friends with someone in the show??  Backstage passes!!

Hi Backstage!

We took full advantage of photographs in front of the disco backdrop!!


Gigantor Maria!


Me & Aunt P!

Being in the empty theater was a treat...

Hello empty seats!

...and I felt like I was part of the secret club of Broadway-ians :)

Running order!

Oh and I may or may not have had "Tap Party Part II" (Click here for "Tap Party Part I") on the real stage we were standing on.

Me & Mr. Broadway

It was such a fun day, taking in the brisk, fall air and catching up with friends over show tunes.

And scene!

My dress...no rips yet!!  I did some double duty sewing to totally secure everything too.  Total success!!