Week 26: Shana's NDAD Creation

I'm all about saving fabric from one piece and reusing it somewhere else - waste not, want not, right?  So when Shana's email popped into my inbox, my heart did a little flutter.  She sent me her fab before shot with two awesome styling options as well as a third option using some of the excess.  I think you're gonna like!! (Plus I was in glasses mode all weekend long finishing up the 'after' pieces for the book shoot this week and thought I matched Miss S in her before pic!)

"Marisa - I wanted to share my very first NDAD creation with you!  I was immediately drawn to the colors and pattern of this piece, but after putting it on, it clearly wasn't working for me.

Shana - Before

Let's see what Shana did!!

So I cut out the shoulder pads, readjusted the collar and neckline, shortened and took-in the sleeves, and hemmed the length a bit.  I cinched it with a jersey belt to make it more flattering and paired it with leggings and wedges.

Shana - After Option 1

Then I realized it could also be worn as a shirt!

Shana - After Option 2

I unbuttoned the last few buttons and tied the ends in a knot.

But wait, there's more!!

I decided to make a quick and fun little ring by twisting and stitching some of the scraps.

Shana - After Option 3

I think $3.00 is a pretty good deal for two cute outfits and an accessory!  Thanks for all the inspiration!

I love the look - my dad had a shirt like this that I used to dress up in and dance to "Walk Like an Egyptian" on the linoleum floor in the kitchen as a kid.  Turquoise with some graphic-y design which I belted.  Brings me back to the 80s...

Way to rock this piece on your first go Shana!!