Week 27: NY Day 1

I mentioned that it's been 'Wedding-tember' in my world and today's post documents the other wedding that was on my agenda this month.  From Vegas to NY, it's been a bi-coastal couple of weeks! For a 'black tie optional' event back home in NY, I thought that I just had to rock another dress that I found for a buck.  I was on a roll and couldn't stop!  This is turning into my thing now...invite me to a wedding and I'll come wearing something I snagged for four quarters.  I bought a pretzel on the street for $2.25, so yeah, I think I did good.

The piece we're going to be working with...

Week 27: NY - Before

Blerg!!  Yeah, time to transition this into something that's vow-sharing appropriate for 2011.

Time to dye!!!

I grabbed RIT Dye in Navy Blue...

Dye me baby!

...and prepared the machine.  Salt and dye were both added to the bath of hot water...

Dye bath!

...before the wet dress (make sure the garment is completely wet before tossing in, just to avoid splotches!!) was added.  After some soaking and spinning, the piece was complete.

Swish Time!

Out the dress came and it turned a fun two shades - the lace collar was navy and the rest of the dress turned a slightly deeper shade of that green with a hint of blue as well.  Aquamarine-ish, you could say?

Sleeves came off because I planned that the temperature would still be warm out, thanks to some WeatherChannel.com action.  Unfortunately, the nights were a bit chilly, so I bought a $5 pashmina on the street to use as a wrap - got one to match the nails and the crafty bracelet that you'll see momentarily.

Sleeves off!

I got the sleeves tacked down...

Pinned the sleeves!

...and then stitched them up as well as taking in an inch in the body.  I wanted the dress to be a little more snug.

Sleeves Stitched!

Because I took the body in, the waist shrunk a bit and left the lace a little baggy.  I had a quick fix for this - I trimmed the lace...

Unstitch and trim!

...and once the piece was cut into two...

Trimmed in two!

...it was hand stitched down to make it look cohesive, and the excess lace edges were cut off.  It literally looked perfect!!


For that accessory I mentioned above, I took one of my favorite vintage gold chains and a little bit of magenta tulle that I had in my kit.  I'm using this shade as my accent (nail color too!!) and decided to weave it through the chain.  I weaved the tulle through every two chain links and went around the entire piece.  This will not be worn 'round my neck - instead it will be wrapped around my wrist to give it a bangle-ish look.

Tulle Time!

Once the bracelet was finished, it was off to the ball wedding. Hello elevator.

Elevator Vision

I headed downtown to the former bank-turned-event space, which was vast and gorgeous, found my place card...

Place Setting!!

...and got my first shot in my bargain basement dress!  My final look, done as a B&W portrait preempted the next one...

My NY B&W portrait

...in technicolor.

Week 27: NY - After

I met up with my college gals during the cocktail hour with food stations including one with my favorite - potstickers!!

Another reunion!

We went into the ballroom to watch the first dance and I must say that I always get nervous watching this because I wouldn't trust myself to hold anything up - I have bruises on my legs from banging my car door into them :)  (FYI - don't ask me to raise chairs at your wedding, as I cannot be held responsible for actions post-raising, even though I'm a very tough cookie.)  I was just keeping my fingers crossed that Lady D wouldn't end up on the floor.

I love this part!

I got to my seat and saw the lovely menu tucked into the pocket of the napkin.  That's secretly my favorite part, finding out what is being served as I'm always starving by the time the reception/dinner begins.

Menu...my favorite part!

I got a photo with the gorgeous bride in-between dances...

D looks so pretty!

...and got some staple 'flash your guns' moves going on the floor too.

Dancing with our guns out!

My feet were hurting by the end of the night, however I prepped them properly before I arrived with Band-Aids in all the problematic areas.

Band-Aids are saving my feet right now.

And because everyone just couldn't go home right away, there was a little after party upstairs at the venue, post-wedding.  I was pretty full from the sweets served (fruit parfait on top of the cake) but when these guys arrived...

Post-party pizzas!

...I just couldn't say no.

We munched some more and then vegged with the new Mr. & Mrs.

And scene...

Aah NY...it's so lovely to be back for a quick trip!!

More fun from the city tomorrow!!