Week 27: Jessica S.

I know that it's officially fall, but is anyone feeling true fall temps yet?  Granted I live in a climate that doesn't see such segmented, 'true' seasons, and it tends to feel like summer up until, well, Thanksgiving at times, but still it seems like the summa, summa, summa-time is holding on! (This video always makes me happy and you can't ever go wrong with Fresh Prince/Will Smith!)

When I saw Jessica's creation, I thought it was fab - something that works for warm-degreed days, but something that will also work as a great transitional piece into fall with boots, cardis, tights, oh my!  Check it!

"I started reading your blog and have been inspired to do remakes of my own. Here is one I did recently.

Jessica S. - Before

The shirt pattern was so fun and I liked the neckline even though the size was obviously way too big. The shirt also had buttons all down the front so the neckline kinda looked like a waistline...

Basically I took this shirt and sewed up the sleeves. Then I lined the inside of the newly shortened sleeves because they were originally see-through and pushed them inside the shirt.

Love the makeshift pockets from the sleeves!

Jessica S. - After

I buttoned up the shirt all the way and put it on as a skirt. The sleeves are now pockets and the neckline now looks like a belt."

I love the creativity of this piece and it looks awesome Jessica!  Thanks for sharing!!