Week 28 Cont'd: Vegas Wedding!

Prepare for a post of epic proportions to finish out the trip to Las Vegas.  It's going to be like The Hangover - full on documentation of the past 24 hours of events with photographic evidence.  No beds ended up on the roof though and Mike Tyson was only seen by way of celebrity impersonator.  (Seriously.) Before dress for the wedding, here:

Vegas Wedding: Before

Before pic of the ratty neck, here:

The albatross around my neck...

(And yes, I'm totally wearing sequins to this wedding!)

Day 3/4:

Before we get into the details, the dress has got to get fixed first!  I found this during my pile sale rounds for a buck.  Yeah, just a dollar for this dress.  There were some beads that had come off, but as a whole this was going to be THE Vegas dress, because if you can't wear blue sequins to a wedding here, where can you wear them?  Exactly.

Shoulder pads were not happening...

Snip, snip!

Once those puppies were out...


...it was time to get to the dress itself.  I wanted this to be a fun tank/shift dress, so I began with the sleeves.  I started removing the seam from each to make this sleeveless!

Sleeves are almost goners!

I was super careful, not to loosen any of the stitches holding onto the rest of the bead work and sequins.  Got one down...

One and almost done!

...and finished the next before getting to that neck!  I began to pin it down to form a scoop shape, which then I took the magical needle and began stitching away.

Clean up those edges!

After working out the neck, the sleeves came next, followed by a little taking in action.  I wanted it to be loose, but it was a little too loose at the moment, so there was room to bring it in a smidge more, which I took full advantage of.

Take it in!!

Then onto the length.  That was my last tweak.  It's Vegas, so I'm going shorter!!

Four inches?

The dress was finally done!!

The last 24-ish hours up till the wedding begins, here:


Let me begin by saying that the venue for this wedding is one I didn't even imagine was possible.

Madame Tussaud's, aka the Museum of Wax!!

Yeah, that's right.  We entered the Spirit of America room, because that's where the wedding ceremony is actually taking place.

Where the ceremony will be taking place!

Obviously I had to take a picture in the Oval Office.

(PS, my dress was Betsey Johnson - I scored it at Buffalo Exchange with a gift card I had gotten after selling back some clothes post-move.  Retail: $150+.  My price: $28 on tag, free thanks to some old jeans!)

Hello, President Obama's office

As an usher, I was shown how to seat people and since that's pretty much a no-brainer, I got to taking pictures instead!  Oprah was there and we just got to talking about our favorite things.

Me and Miss O

We got along really well.

She loves that mic!

The figures were everywhere and I even jumped once because JFK was right behind me.  Well hello Mr. Pwes-ident!!

The Kennedys...on the moon!

NINE FINE IRISHMEN (at NY, NY hotel), 11:55 pm:

Once our rehearsal-ing was complete, we headed to a meal and then off to the New York, New York where the official 'Rehearsal Night After Party' was being held.

The bride showed off her engagement and enjoyed her last night of singledom...

Lisa's Getting Married!

...while the groom was having his final night of bachelorhood with the boys.

Groom Sandwich!

The boys were lookin' fine...

Hello boys!

...and the girls were snapping photos left and right.

Reunion time!!

CB and I couldn't resist a little tapping...

Hop Shuffle Step Fl-lap Ball Change!

..and brought the Broadway to Las Vegas' version of NY!

Jazz Hands!

We had an air piano reunion...

Rockin' the keys!

...and RM and I reenacted lyrics to Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night".

Last Friday night Yeah we danced on tabletops And we took too many shots

"And got kicked out of the bar, so we hit the boulevard"

Think we kissed but I forgot."

"With my favorite party dress, warrants out for my arrest"

Sorry RM!!  The night ended here, but the big day is just around the corner...

Photographic evidence!

DAY OF WEDDING, 9:54 am:

Since we had the whole day to hang, pre-event, I took advantage of being in Vegas and did a little bit of thrifting!!

Checked out one of the Goodwills...


...and then headed to Savers, which is a spot that is not near me in LA, but one that many of you swear by!!  However, I had a small detour en route.

DD Drive Thru!!

Dunkin Donuts was glimmering in the distance, so obvi I made a stop.  But, a drive thru?  This was my first and the iced vanilla coffee couldn't have been more perfect for the 95 degree day.

SAVERS, 2:15 pm:


I entered the store not realizing that I was going to embark on a rack sifting afternoon.

Racks o'fun!!

After picking and searching, I found a little bit of treasure...

Le Sigh!!

...in the form of a leather purse.  Hello Louis Vuitton!!

I snagged my gold (well, canary yellow) and headed back to the strip!

THE VENETIAN, 4:45 pm:

I began my preparation for the night...this included a bath in the marble-ized bathroom while watching Jersey Shore on the TV (this said TV was inside the bathroom and yes, I watched from inside the tub and yes, I watched Jersey Shore), make up application, and curling of the hair.  I left myself a good chunk of time to prepare before it was off to the wedding!!


Vegas Wedding - After


With my fellow ushers, we prepared to seat guests...

My fellow ushers!

...and to drizzle these puppies down the aisle.  I was taking my job über seriously.

Last sniff before they hit the floor...

MC and LG made their way down the aisle and had a special guest visitor who made a grand appearance as well.

Hound Dog has arrived!!

He began singing "Can't Help Falling in Love" midway through the ceremony which literally made this wedding without a shadow of a doubt, one that took place in Sin City.

Elvis serenades!

After the rhinestone-studded Elvis finished his show, the rings were exchanged, the chuppah was raised...

The Huppah!

...and Elvis left the building!!

Don't Be Cruel, Elvis

RECEPTION, 9:45 pm:

The blue sequined frock matched the bridesmaid dresses perfectly...

Perfect Match!

...and I even had a sequined twin to post next to the faux Liberace mirrored piano with...

Sparkle Motion!

...before I took my solo on the keys.

"Hold me closer Tony Danza"

We got ready for dinner and took our seats at our tables...

Printed M&Ms and photo covered poker chips!

...before the DJ started spinning Kanye West, Kesha, and Katy Perry.  I got a pic with the happy bride...

She's married!

...before the happy groom tore up the dance floor.

And the groom celebrates!

There may have been a little robot action with AK...

Pop Lockin'

The best part about having a wedding at the wax museum??  Wax figures everywhere and we did a little sneaking around for some amazing photo ops.

Snoop Dogg shared his chalice with me.

West Coastin!

CB danced up right next to his soulmate Beyoncé.

"If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it!"

George Clooney whispered a sweet nothing in my ear and I totally blushed.

Um, George Clooney is totally close to my height...

Justin Timberlake decided to take the night off.

Seriously?  Cry Me A River.

And, Wolfgang Puck gave me some celebratory bubbles.


We took a few more pics before finishing up the night.

Glamour shots!

The cupcakes were released...

cTime to cut the [cup] cake!...and the final group shot of the night was taken.

USC Reunion!!

3:15 am: Finito.  Unfortunately I didn't make it out until dawn, but put up a valiant effort!

Viva Las Vegas!!