Week 28: Shannon's NDAD Creation

Hey friends, sorry for the delay in posts as I've been traveling!  Vegas last weekend and NY this weekend for another wedding.  Let's call this Wedding-tember for me :) Yay for skrockidesign.com and this fabulous 80s wedding pic!

You'll see all the dresses this week, and yes, they were both $1.  (Um, I was pretty stoked with the finished product as well for both soirees!)

In the wedding spirit, I found it fitting to feature Shannon's piece.

"I love your creativity and live vicariously through your amazing social calendar as well!  I just had to tell you how you inspired a recent project for me.  My daughter just got married and it was a glorious DIY, eco-frugal, vintage wedding bonanza held in a local historic home/museum. During the planning and creating phase, we were stumped by what to do about the bride's bouquet.  We didn't want fresh flowers since we had so many other responsibilities that day and we wanted it to be "green" (and save us some green ($), but be meaningful and fit the vintage vibe.  So I asked myself--WWMD? (what would Marisa do?)

WWMD?  Shannon, you rule :)  Biggest compliment a gal could ask for!!  Just wait till you hear about this one!!  (I'm putting this in my back pocket for when I eventually get hitched!!)

I decided to take some of the jewelry and clothes that had belonged to my daughter's grandmothers and create flowers and finally a bouquet out of them!  This added a sentimental feel.

La Bouquet, Courtesy of Mme Shannon

The bouquet needed some texture, so we added feathers.  They were new and didn't look right with the antiqued look of the other items, so we dyed them - first with tea, which we couldn't get dark enough, so instead we tried coffee which worked out great.

Wet & Smelly Feathers!

Big side note - the feathers stunk so bad when they were wet and looked so horrible, so a little beauty treatment with the blow dryer and voila, they were fluffy, gorgeous and stink free...AND the right color!

Fluffed & Feather'd!

My daughter was hilarious blow drying them with their stinkiness and all.

Mom, are we really doing this??

I absolutely adore making your own flowers from fabric and have an affinity for making rosettes - twisting and pinning and stitching (click here for a refresher)

The bouquet turned out elegant, beautiful and personal.  So many people commented on it, making me an even prouder M.O.T.B. - FYI, that stands for Mother of the Bride for those who may not have known...yeah, I've only recently figured out all these abbreviations myself after having a google party :)

Gorgeous bride...

Here Comes the Bride!!

...and gorgeous family!!

Happy Family!!

Shannon, thank you so much for sharing your crafty ways.  (Here's the full post from her site!)  PS, who caught the bouquet?!?

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