Week 28: Copycat: Christian Louboutins

As soon as I saw these, I knew I just had to try my hand at making my own. Copycat: Christian Louboutins

I mean I thought a few major things when I first set eyes on Louboutin's 'De Ja Vu' heels:

A. Seriously?

B. Are those googly eyes?

C. A price tag of $1595.00?

D. Seriously?

Being the only place I could get away with wearing these is Las Vegas, I just knew the right time had come to create.  Shoes, will you take Las Vegas to be your lawfully wedded partner-in-crime?  You betcha!!

Day 2:

While perusing the aisles of Blick Art, looking for materials for another project, one of the main ingredients were found...the googly eyes!


I got two packages of them and began my search for the shoes.  I hit up Ross and went searchin'!  I not only found literal lookalike stilettos, they were on clearance for $9.99!!  Total score and worth the little splurge...I mean it is Vegas :)

Clearance Heels!!

With my ingredients gathered, we were ready to rock and roll!!

I took the googs and some of Aileen's Glitter & Gem glue...

Glue & Googs!

...and took all the eyes out of one package, as each of the packs of 100 were going to be allotted for each shoe.  I began to glue the backs of the eyes...

Dab and stick

...and affix to the heels!  Once the first eye was on...

Eye see you!

...it got easier and easier.

On a roll!

The little eyes worked to fill in the smaller holes and the whole project was like a little jigsaw puzzle getting everything to fit and stick.

Once both shoes were finished, they hung out and dried for a bit.  Since they were done a few days before taking off for the trip, there was ample time for everything to set.  They got put in shoe bags, inside my duffle and made their appearance Day 2 of the trip!!

Well hello knockoffs!!

Copycat: Christian Louboutin - After

I mean my version was $15 and the real deal was $1500?!  That's a total no-brainer.

Prepping for Day 2!!

I took advantage of the luxe robes at the hotel and continued to get ready all while wearing my heels.

View from the top!

I was so proud how they turned out, because they were virtually identical, that I couldn't stop staring.  (PS his are totally sold out too...crazytown!!)

Hello knock off Loubous!

Now, if you want to go full on Copycat, just grab some red paint or nail polish and attack the sole of the shoes.  Since I had already arrived and wanted to avoid any little mini-disasters (paint smudging everywhere), I just stuck to leaving the soles as they were.

Viva Las Vegas...off to the Hard Rock in them.  If only they were real eyes, then I'd rock the poker tables, fo sho!!