Week 28: Sarah

Prepare for a week of posts from Las Vegas friends!  I've just arrived home and have lots of pictures and remakes to share!! Today's shirt comes from Sarah in Plano, TX.  This was sent my way along with this two-piecer back in March during Week 47. When the box from Sarah arrived, I knew this piece was going to have to be saved for something glamariffic!

Sarah - Before

Check out those rhinestones and gold beadwork!!

Beads & Stones!

Heading to Sin City...perfect time to work it out.

DAY !: The Drive:

I began by taking out the shoulder pads...

Pads out!

I wanted to make this something breezy and airy since I planned to wear this on the four+ hour drive, so...

Off with the sleeves!

...off with the sleeves!!  I'm taking this into tank-al waters, so the sleeves were cut off on an angle, starting at the neck and trimming outwards to below the armpit seam on the sleeves.

I began to pin the sleeves, tucking the edges of the fabric under.

Pinned Edges!

I wanted the shirt to be over-sized, doing my version of Nicole Richie...

It's Nicole. Miss Richie if you're nasty.

...but I still ended up taking it in about an inch on each side to make it a smidge more fitted.

Stitch down the edges!

Once it was all done, it was ready to hit the road!!  I put my Vans hat on with my aviators and filled the car with just two bags (I'm even shocked there were only two), some Clif bars, and a few bottles of water.

Road Trip Beginnings: Los Angeles

The road trip playlist included favorites such as Skee-Lo's 'I Wish', Guns N' Roses 'Welcome to the Jungle', and Mariah Carey's 'Heartbreaker' to make the 275 mile trip go by faster.  We took a break to grab gas in Baker, CA, also known as "the home of the world's largest thermometer" and a cold beverage.

Because of the large sleeves, I took an old tube top from my collection that was red and white striped and wore this underneath.

Road Trip: Smack Dab in the Middle

This tube top was from Victoria's Secret back in 2000 - I just couldn't get rid of it and it has a perma-home in a hat box of slips - and I actually wore it as a top with white capris to a nautical themed party in college.  I didn't have a problem showing midriff then, but now I'm using it to cover it all up!

Couldn't resist a pic with that big thermometer, reaching a whopping...134 feet :)

Biggest Thermometer in the US, eh?

While getting a Dr. Pepper inside, I saw that this exists...

BK 'fries'

Cheesy Fries in a bag by Burger King?!  This was a point of purchase stand that had not received much love yet - all the bags were still on each rack.  And no, I did not purchase one just for giggles.

Got back on the road...

The 15!!

...and finally made it into Las Vegas!  Thanks to lots of road construction, we sat in traffic for a long time...

LA or LV?

...before finally checking in!  The wedding and festivities are taking place on the vast property of the Venetian Hotel, so we cruised past the gondolas in the fake waters...

Road Trip End: Las Vegas

...which really kind of makes you feel like you're in the Disney version of Italy.


Fake painted cloud ceilings, marble tiled floors, a bevy of shops, and the sounds of slot machines in the distance.  Why, hello Vegas, I've arrived.

Sarah, thank you so much for sending me such fabulous goodies!!

More fun from Vegas tomorrow!!