Week 28: Sharon's NDAD Creation

Today's creative darling is Sharon in Philadelphia - she did some magic with her simple Goodwill dress! "Your website has been SO inspiring, and I've not only read every single entry, I've added you to my RSS feed that I check every day!  Your ability to transform ridiculous, hideous clothing into works of art is VERY commendable--you've inspired me to get out my sewing machine and try some things on my own!  I also had no idea thrift stores had $1 choices.  After about half of year of following your blog, I decided to go hunting for Goodwill and thrift stores nearby to see what I could find.

Sharon - Before

I was lucky enough to find one about a mile's walk away that has a $1 pile sale too!  They even let you fill a bag with things tossed in a big bin for just $1!!  I spend HOURS whenever I get a chance to go there :)

Time to check out Sharon's remake!

I basically chopped off the end of the dress and hemmed it to about a knee length, then took the extra fabric, turned it backwards (it was white on the other side), cut them into leaves and sewed them onto the dress!

Sharon - After

Look at those leaves!!


What an artistic way to give a little somethin' somethin' to a simple dress! I think we'll have to do something like this soon...also, what a great way to hide spots/dirt/etc. too!!

Sharon, thank you for sharing your cuteness with us!!  I'm totally going shopping with you next time I'm in Philly!!