Week 29: Julie

Today's piece comes my way all the way from Honolulu, HI! Julie wrote me this message on very cute stationery :)

"I bought this cute vintage nightgown from either Goodwill or Savers years ago with the intention of learning how to sew.  Unfortunately due to various life events (like having babies) that never happened so it's been hanging in my closet all this time.  I hate to part with it, but I doubt I'll have the time to take sewing lessons anytime soon.

Week 29: Julie - Before

I have faith in your abilities to maximize this piece's cuteness potential.  Good luck!  Mahalo."

Let's get this cuteness potential rollin!

I started by cutting off the entire top of the piece - from right under the sleeves and straight across I went with my snips.  We're doing a halter today, friends!!


I pinned and began to iron down the top of the piece...

Iron down!

...and then got to stitching it down in place!

Stitching a new seam up top!

I took some fun red ribbon (had to go with the slightly ruffled edges for the fun factor!!)...


...that will act as straps for my soon-to-be-halter!  I measured about a foot and a half of ribbon and then pinned down both ends to the dress where I was going to stitch them down.

Tack it down

Once the ribbon was pinned, it got stitched down and the rest of the dress was taken in just a smidge.  There was also give to the material, so I made sure it was fitted up top!!

Stitch & take in!

Once completed, it was ready to take in the hot, hot, heat!!

Week 29: Julie - After

It's like I've got Holly Hobbie hanging out on me!!

Halter time!

Because it's white, I had to make sure that I had on nude undergarments, just for the peekage prevention :)  This would be perfect as a bathing suit cover up as well, as it's cool and light.

Or even as chic apron...

Grill Master!

Turkey burgers, grilled corn and grilled peaches with no spillage, which I was shocked about.  I probably should have worn an actual apron while pretending to be Bobby Flay.

Thank you for parting with this from your closet Julie!!

Road trip to Vegas in T minus nine hours...prepare for lots of photos!!