Week 29: Mid-Week Update!

I know a bunch of you had requested to see what the Anne Fontaine lookalike piece looked like on, so...boom!! Copycat: Anne Fontaine - After

And a little close up as well...


It looks cute on and up close, right?!

I've had a book busy week, so apologies on the lack of posting.  Over the next few weeks as I finish up, there may be less up here, however I'm going to try to make up for it with fun goodies to giveaway!!  Lots of cool fall-themed pieces coming up, another DYE Week!!, and some fabu Copycats to come, so thank you all for your patience!!

Speaking of fun goodies to giveaway...

First thing on the agenda is one of these chic headbands by Relish.


Head on over to designer extraordinaire, Arielle Worona's etsy - www.etsy.com/shop/aaworona and scope out all of her goodies.  Make sure you leave a comment below of what you like best!

I'm in the Relish Your Pearls Headband...

Relishing those pearls now...

...but wait, that's not all!!  Also thrown into the goodie bag is this little lock costume necklace!


A flea market find, I loved the daintiness and as a wearer of small gold necklaces on the regular, this looked like something that I'd add to my assortment of chains!!

Winner will be announced on Tuesday, after the Labor Day holiday :)  PS, Michelle was the beach bag winner last week...time for a new winner for these little accessories!!  Leave your comments below!  xx Marisa