Week 29: Copycat - Anne Fontaine

I was mesmerized by this collar when I saw it in Lucky this month.  It was in the Paris accessory trend section which I was obsessed with as soon as I saw the Chloé and Christian Dior pieces featured.  If only there was a French macaroon on the page as well... Copycat - Anne Fontaine

This Anne Fontaine piece was something that I knew I could have a go at.  Black lace and ribbon??  Done and done.

I began by starting a little dye bowl!!  Using my chic crystal plastic bowl (looks more fance than it should...a find from the 99 Cent Store!) I poured about a tablespoon of dye into it.

Black Dye!

I boiled some water on the stove (with some salt to assist in making the color bolder) and then added it to the dye in the bowl...

Hot water time!!

...before adding some lace remnants (these are leftover from Abigail's Week 47 piece) to the bath to soak.

Dye that lace!

I let the lace sit and marinate overnight, ran it through hot water to get the extra dye out in the morning, and let the pieces dry on a paper towel.


With my newly dyed lace, I began trimming bits of it off to begin my collar.

Trim that lace!

Using lace leftover from Natalie's Week 30 number as the base, I plugged in my glue gun and began gluing down lace in different patterns.

Aim & fire!

I added some fun, sheer, pink ribbon to the edges as ties - it was a little departure from the black that is used on the Anne Fontaine piece - as well as a few opaque, black rhinestones as little bits of shimmery and crystal-y flair.

My version!

My piece hanging next to the real deal-$495 one is a totally fun and WAY cheap version to DIY that neckline.

Sister necklaces!

For something that didn't cost me anything since everything came from my remnants and kit of goodies, I'm pretty pleased.  now, all I need a fun Marie Antoinette party to wear it to :)