Week 29: Brittney's NDAD Creation

What a cool remake and message from Miss Brittney, that I received in my inbox... "I know you probably get this allllllll the time, but I absolutely adore your blog!!! :) I have been an avid reader of it since the early days, when my sister told me all about it, and last summer you inspired me to start getting my own creative juices flowing again too!  After graduating almost 2 years ago from college with an Interior Design degree, I have been unsuccessful in finding work in my field, and have had to work at some pretty crappy jobs, which made me miserable.  The job I was working last summer was the absolute worst.  I seriously despised every day that I was there, and needed an outlet, or I probably would have gone crazy!"

I feel you Brittney - that's why I got this blog started.  Laid off, slightly clueless to what my next step was going to be...use that creativity of yours as an outlet (which you did!!) and it'll help you get through those tricky days for sure.

Britt's before...

Brittney - Before

...a fabulous $2 Christian Dior nightgown!!  Woo, Dior!!


With a slight rip, some fixin' needed to be handled!

Big 'ol hole!

A little trimming here and a little mending there, my girl Brittney was left with a summery, breezy, and super chic piece!!

Brittney - After

Dior for $2??  I mean...you sold me at $2!!

"I now have my own blog, Frugalicious Style - I do random re-vamped vintage pieces, of course inspired from your blog, every Tuesday!  I have gotten some great pieces for my wardrobe, and I love getting compliments on the pieces cause it's like "hey, thanks...I made this" :)  It feels so awesome!  Thanks so much for the inspiration!  Couldn't have done it without you!"

Thanks for your lovely words Brittney - way to take a torn designer piece and make it your own!!  Keep it up lady!!