Week 29: Sara's NDAD Creation

Hi y'all!  (I just saw The Help, so I'm feeling kind of Southern) Hope you're either staying cool from the heat or faring well in the storms wherever you are!!  Today's remake comes from Sara...

"Hi from Michigan, Marisa! I've been following your blog ever since you started, and finally got around to going thrifting and nabbed some fantastically ugly dresses for only a few bucks. Here's one! I loved the fabric and the buttons...

Sara - Before

...but the style looked like something a 90s church mom would wear.

Dana Carvey!!

We probably want to veer away from the costuming of Dana Carvey, so let's see how this puppy turned out!

I chopped off the top (but kept some of those great buttons), made it shorter, and tied on a little halter.

Sara - After

My boyfriend is graduating this Sunday with his master's degree, and I wanted a cute springy dress to wear - and now I have one!

Such a great job Sara - cute, updated, summery, and chic...love what you did!!