Week 30: Tatiyana

We're finishing out the work week with this stunner from Tatiyana in Portland! Week 30: Tatiyana

"The detail on this dress is beautiful and I don't think you've worked with something like this before.  I'm curious to see where you go with it - have fun!!"

While taking the before shots, I couldn't help but spin around to make that skirt flutter!!  (I was so completely dizzy post spin, PS!)

(You) Spin Me Right Round...

I think I know exactly what I'm going to do!!

I began by taking off the sleeves with my seam ripper...I'm makin' a vest!!

Tear 'em off!

...and detaching the back into two pieces.  The seam was stitched in an inverted V, so I started to remove the thread that kept it together!

V action on the back!

There was a thicker/linen-y lining that I began to remove with scissors.  It was stitched down and a little tricky to maneuver, so with cautious hands I began to cut it out.

Scrap the lining!

After some careful trimming, the vest was now its own piece!!

The Remains!

I was left with this which will come back again soon...

The other leftovers...

I pinned the arms because I had to remake another seam at the sleeve where the arm was taken off.  This material will fray (and was as I was trimming the lining out) so stitching was on the agenda next.

Pinning/Stitching Arms!

My vest was complete!!  I ended up taking a vintage pin to hold the piece together and secure it in place instead of wearing it open.  Because it's on the sheer side, I wore a tank underneath and a pair of skinnies!

Week 30: Tatiyana - After

It was a little party top to celebrate a birthday/housewarming evening.  I absolutely loved the watermelon gift (Dirty Dancing homage which you'll get in another sentence) and how it looked after the guests began to devour :)

Psycho Melon!

KK was playing with SPR's fab feline Swayze (!!) who happens to be very capable.

Smart Feline

With the cam on top of the TV with the timer set, we got a most fab group shot...

Shot 1

...until I saw the second one.

Shot 2

Perfect photo!!

We tried to document the lovely reservoir in the background, but it didn't work out too hot.

And scene...

Just pretend the stop sign is the moon and insert a few more shiny lights in the background to get what it actually looked like!!

Tatiyana, thanks for the dress!!  I need to make a trip up to Portland soon.

Also, happy weekend friends - to those of you along the Eastern seaboard, lots of love and prep for the upcoming hurricane.  Will be sending prayers and good thoughts - ones that involve Irene taking a hard right into the water - your way!