Week 30: Becs Part II

So when I crafted a strapless number from this piece that Becs sent last week... Week 30: Becs Part II - Before

...I knew that I wanted to give it a pretty shade of something fabulous.  After skimming through your ideas and taking them into full consideration, Stacy, Wiola and Sandi in South FL took it!  I went with...

RIT's Tangerine!!!


I still wanted something soft, so I opted to go with a lighter shade of orange, a peach if you will!

I used the washing machine for this dye job, added my salt...


...threw in the piece in hot water...

Top in...

...and just added half of a capful!  I used the small load setting and thought this would be enough to dilute the shade and make it a pastel.

A Capful of Dye...

Dye in!!

Swishing Away!

When the top came out of the dryer, it looked a little something like this!!

Week 30: Becs Part II - After

Meeting up with some friends over Mexican (I mean, I'm back in LA, there's no deep dish pizza anywhere, so this trip was inevitable!) I knew this was the right place to wear the updated top!

It actually matches my skin tone!!

Self Shot ECU!!

We were seated by this fabulous looking server who had earrings that were fried eggs!!  They were fabulous and I couldn't resist a shot with her before we were brought to our seats on the patio.

Sunny Side Up Eggs!!

Some of us went to town and ended up leaving town with some leftovers.

Mexican Feast!!

Others opted for the grilled fish tacos...

Fish Tacos!!

A fun night out with pals to catch up was exactly the lay low evening that I needed.

Team Taco!

Note to self:  Self, check each photo taken by someone at the host stand on the way out.

We had a little cut off action going on, and not in a chic/cut off jeans kinda way.  Sorry JET!!