Week 30: Becs

This is my final piece from Chicago...a little farewell top, if you will.  [Insert single tear here] Week 30: Becs - Before

Becs, from AR (Lil' Rock Lady) sent me this piece.

"I saw this senorita top and knew you had to have it.  All it needs is some TLC and some margaritas to go with it!  The piece is big, but don't let that get in your way!  (Who am I kidding?? You never let that get in your way!!)  Check out the colored embroidery too!!"

A little close up on that rainbow thread action...

Pretty Embroidery!

"Maybe you can make this a skirt or use those ruffles somehow?  I know it'll be a great summer top but just needs a little bit of love before it gets there.  I can't wait to see what it looks like in the end!!"

A whole lotta love is coming...

I took off both sleeves first!

Trim the sleeves!

I'm heading down a sleeveless/strapless route with this one.  I loved the embroidery and the long length of the piece, so I kept those intact.  I measured the piece on me and then pinned where it needed to be taken in.


Once it was pinned and prepped, it was sew time!!

Stitch it up!

Because I was furiously sewing before I left LA, I had ideas of grandeur, dyeing it a fab pastel color, however time was not on my side!  I think a follow up post is necessary!!

This was the final Chicago piece worn to finish the bacheloretting complete with brunch, caffeine, and recaps galore!

Week 30: Becs - After

We cruised across the water and came across just the spot to satisfy everyone - Eatt.  I got my feta and spinach omelet while others got burgers.

Coffee!! (with a side of omelet)

We found ourselves seated at the bar (de ja vu...) and we all mixed and mingled, checked out photos and discussed the multiple hotel issues (hello a pair of used dude boxers in a drawer that were there upon arrival, was just the beginning!!) that we had.  But ultimately it was a final hurrah in the city that we had so much fun in.

Yep, it's daylight out!

We finished, took our last walk across the bridge...

The train, the train!!

...took one final group pic, and bid adieu.

And scene!

I hopped in the cab and shot a goodbye pic from the back seat before heading to the aeroport.

Bye Chicago!

But wait...there was just one more stop to be made!!


99 cent iced coffees between 3-6pm, check!!  The perfect carry on (along with my two very full/hefty bags...I push those carry on limits to the max!!) that was totally consumed before hitting O'Hare.  Totally just what I needed!!

Becs, thank you so, so much for the top - part two will be coming soon!  A little dye job to give it a brand new look.  What color do you think would be fun...ideas anyone?!