Week 30: Natalie

Night two of bachelorette-dom was going to be a little more dancy, so I wanted to wear a fun top and jeans.  Natalie sent this my way and I thought it would be just the fun party piece to wear on the town. Week 30: Natalie - Before

"Hey Marisa, I hope you enjoy this slip - whether you can wear it as a dress and just belt it or if you add lining to it to make it less sheer, I think you'll make better use of it than I did just sitting in my drawer.  I had grand ideas, but I'm moving and trying to get rid of things as you know, so I figured that I'd let it be of use to you.  Go sew..."

The best part was the hole on the seam...

I see you!!

...which gave me an idea right off the bat!

I started trimming the lace completely off...

Trim off that lace!!

...and was left with this.

The leftover trim...

I'm going to make some fluttery sleeves by adding the lace to the arms!!  Before the lace was added, I ended up taking each side in about an inch before I began pinning.

Lace is pinned!!

Once the arms were tacked in place, I stitched the lace completely down.  I did all this from home before I took off for Chi-town...

Stitching the lacy sleeves!!

...but needed to shorten the piece to make it top worthy.  Once I got to the hotel, I got cracking.  I called the concierge to see about borrowing some shears and finally got a pair handed off.

I tried...

Unfortch, their scissors don't like to cut through fabric, so I had to make a game time decision.  Just tuck it in and ruch it out for the night.  I did just that, took another hotel hallway shot, and got ready to feast at a Chicago staple with the girls.

Week 30: Natalie - After

Because we were doing a little bit of dressing up (hello feathers!!) I wanted to do a little bit of crafting for my gal LG too.  I took some white and glittery purple tulle...

Tulle Time!!

...trimmed into pieces, stitched to a fab plastic crown and comb...

Party veil!

...and added some gems and pearls to make it LG's headpiece for the evening!

Party Time!!

And the back...

I hear the bells now...

Oh, I didn't just stop there...I made some matching purple clips for the girls using some feathers and rhinestones that we added to our beads and boas.

Feather clips for the gals

Now we were ready.

Pizza Time!!

I love pizza.  I'm from NY, it's a staple, but I kind of almost lost my mind with these.

This is for realz!!

I was in cheese heaven.

REJ, server extraordinaire!

If only LG's magic wand could make more of the pizza appear when I get back to LA.

Happy Sisters!

We had boa shots taken around the table, and my use of the feathers as pom poms made me look kind of crazy.

Boa shots!

We headed to The Baton after our eats for a fun drag show complete with Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Barbara Mandrell lookalikes.

Post eats pic!

No pics were allowed to be taken there, but the camera came back out when we went dancing after the show.  We had little notebooks filled with activities to complete and the bride got on it right away.

Game time!!

Get a pic with a bachelor party, check!  Get picked up by one...that wasn't part of the activity!

Get picked up by a bachelor party!

We literally danced our faces off - the DJ kept playing jam after jam after jam and I think by the end of the night we worked off all those pizza calories :)

Party in the USA!

We even came across a group who were trying to do their own version of Diddy's Hamptons 'white party'.  LG took a staple accessory from them...so bright, you gotta wear shades!

Infiltrating the white party!

After the music died, we finished the night with another Chicago staple.

Late Night Eats!

I devoured my dog...

Chicago dogs!!

...while JG dropped hers.

JG's party foul!

We cruised back to our rented ride that whisked us back to the hotel...


...where our Cinderella night ended.  It was way after midnight though.

The celebrating is almost through :(  Thanks for assisting in my fun outfit for the night Natalie - loved the slip!!