Week 30: Alexandra's NDAD Creation

Today's piece submitted by Alexandra comes all the way to Los Angeles via Germany.  I love seeing where all the emails come in from and this made me a little nostalgic for a European jaunt! "Did you know your sphere of influence even reaches as far as good old Germany?  I've been an avid fan and have been greatly inspired by your work. so here's my before and after photos.

Alexandra - Before

It's a vintage find that I inherited from my sister-in-law in Australia...

...so this dress is well travelled. When I got it back to Germany, I took in the sides, shortened and narrowed the sleeves, opened up the v-neckline and shortened the whole dress.  Unfortunately, I took too much off the length and ended up having to add a few inches back on from the fabric I had cut off and then I did the unthinkable (as far as my mother is concerned)...

Alexandra - After

I used iron-on seaming!! I believe you have taken short-cuts like this before and I decided to try it out.  I will eventually seam it, but it works for me just fine like this too.

I love short cuts - and also using any sort of iron-on seaming or Stitch Witchery, this approach works for everyone, sewing machine or not, which I'm totally on board with.

Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing how the NDAD year progresses."

Thanks for sending all the way from Germany, Alexandra!!