Copycat: Anya Hindmarch

As soon as I saw Anya Hindmarch's totes from this season, I knew that this had to be one of my copycats!! Copycat!!

Lucky Mag even featured it in this month's ish, so it retriggered my need to make one mine!

Anya in Lucky!

I loved the DIY nature of the bags, that each one looked like they were hand sketched, however I didn't love the $135 price tag.  Today's cost will be less than a venti latte and will look just as fab!!

On my sketch pad, I tried to draw my version of the Anya bag, keeping the bathing suit idea going however subbing out the sunglasses for something a little more me...SUNSCREEN!  I'm not an artist but tried my best shot.


To recreate the actual bathing suit straps, I took some trim from my kit o'goodies - it was just a remnant and measured about a foot and a half, so I had to make it work!  I ended up going with something that actually looked like it really could have come off a bathing suit, however any ribbon, elastic, or even a shoelace could work.  Go with whatcha got for this one!

With my sketch in hand, I began to pin the trim to the bag.

Starting to pin

Once my trim was pinned (say that three times!) I started to sketch the rest of the design in a pencil.  Got the rest of the bikini...


...and my little bottle of SPF 45 in place!

Lather Up!!

It all felt like it was coming together!!  Using one of Krylon 's Leafing Pens (I used copper)...

Done drawing!

...I began to trace the line I drew in my number two pencil!  These pens rock because they're angled and perfect for the thin lines as well as the thicker ones.

Tracing the lines...

So the paint wouldn't go through, I took a magazine and put it in the bag while I was painting/tracing.  To give my bag a little more character, I kept the words 'beach bag' in, just like the original, however I put a little spin on it and wrote in a different language.  Je parle un peu Français.  Merci Prof Simon.

Beach Bag!

Reading the directions on the pen (and actually following them...) I let the ink dry for a full 24 hours before I stitched my straps in place.

Stitch down!

Perfect timing as I got to take it along with to the Hollywood Bowl to see Hairspray with the NY side of the family in town visiting.  Yay for the aunt, uncle and cousins!!

Back at the Bowl!

I toted the necessities...salsas for the Baja Fresh delights we were about to consume.

My copycat complete!!

The music began and so did the insane cheering because Nick Jonas was in the show.  The relentless screams for the teen dream reminded me of New Kids on the Block concerts in 1991!!  (Jordan 4eva!)

You Can't Stop the Beat!

I got to meet up with my gal S who came up from San Diego to watch...

Met up with S!

...while joking with the cousins over the "I love you Nick" cheers coming from right next to our seats.

Adjacent to the Jonas Bros. Fan Club to our left

I couldn't get over the best dressed girls of the evening though...I mean the bouffants on Miss D & I were perfection.  If only I prepped more in advance.

My Tracy Turnblatt lookalikes, D & I!

On our walk to the car, we stopped at the Chinese Theater for a few photo ops...I always love seeing the hand and footprints.

Ava Gardner's Petite Toe!

And my favorite...

Je t'aime Monsieur Clooney

Even his siggie is cute :)

OK, to celebrate the beachiness, I'm giving away some goodies!!

In a little pack of beach bag goodness, find some Philip B Maui Wowie spray (for beachy curls), Physician's Formula bronzer, Alba moisturizing shave cream and a disposable razor (because I feel like I'm always touching up the stems), a travel Secret deodorant (no explanation needed), an exfoliating Biggs & Featherbelle Beach Bar, CO Bigelow lip treatment, my favorite OPI nail polish, a pair of flip flops (those are just mine in the photo to show...I'll grab the winner's sizing for their own flips), and a vintage sarong with beaded detail!!

Beach Bag Giveaway!!

This is literally the perfect beachy cover-up!!

Hello cover up!

Leave a comment below and the random winner will be chosen on Friday, 8/12!!  Soak up the sun while you can!!!!