Week 31: Lizzie

Time for a little mother-of-the-bride remake!!  Lizzie tossed this my way just like her bouquet on her wedding day! Week 31: Lizzie - Before

"This was in my grandmother's closet and had to have been leftover from one of the weddings she attended.  The color is beautiful, but the buttons have come off and it smells like moth balls.  Sorry about that!  I think this could turn into something chic or at least you can use the lace or buttons on something else you create.  Lots of love from Lizzie in PA."

Time to head to the chapel!!

I loved, loved, loved the lace on this!!  I thought it was absolutely fabulous and wanted to make my piece all about the lace, so I decided that I'd remove the lining and rock the lace solo!

Two Layers!

Took my scissors and began to chop away!!

Lining removal!

There were three layers of lace stitched down to the jacket, so I carefully trimmed around each seam (keeping the lace attached) to maintain the structure of the piece.  Once I gutted the piece...

The scraps!

...I headed over to the sleeves to take 'em off!!

No more jacket!!

Off with the lace...

Buh-bye for now!!

...and onto pinning all the lace together!  Since there were three layers, I tacked them to each other to make it one flowy piece!

Pin me!

I hit the armholes next and pinned those down in order to make a lovely new seam.

Sleeve tweaks!

Woo, almost there!!  After some time with my BFF (the sewing machine), I had my new, sheer lace piece ready to go!!  Paired with a navy tank underneath, so the sheerness would be super apparent, and some skinnies and wedges (literally swear by my Aerosoles - no blisters too!) my outfit was complete!!

Week 31: Lizzie - After

I left the one button in place and decided not to re-add the other two to it.  I figure that they'll come in handy somewhere else, for sure.  They're too fab not to use!!

Sheer & Lacy!!

I love the vintage feel of this and I knew I wanted to go this route after seeing this at Forever 21:

F21's inspiration piece!

My version is just as fun :)

Coffee Break!

Thanks for sharing your grandmother's closet with me Lizzie!!