Week 31: Shower Dress!

I think this is the first time this has happened!!  For today's piece, we are without a before shot!! We are currently experiencing technical difficulties.

I found this dress when I was looking for pieces for the book and knew that I wanted to hold off and use it for today's baby shower for my gal JS.  Unfortunately in the midst of everything, this piece wasn't documented :(  Regardless, I'm going to post anyway.  It was bigger, had sashes that tied around the neck, some shoulder pads, length went down to the calves, for y'all to get a little taste.

First step was getting rid of those pads and the sashes that were attached at the shoulders...

Unhinge the shoulders!

Once the seam was undone...

Remove the tie!

...I took out the shoulder pads and the sashes.

Neck sashes gone!

Those sashes are going to make a fab new belt - I pinned the edges together before cutting and pinning a new hem at the bottom of the dress.  I trimmed about four inches just to raise the length to hit at the knees.

Woo hem!

I brought the dress in from the back and mended the holes that I had created before having my party dress complete!

Hem, shoulder, & sash stitchin!

We had a little afternoon celebration for Jules and her little boy coming in September!

Shower ensemble!

I was on favor duty and had some mother/daughter crafting time getting these little jars of goodness ready for all the partygoers.  Mason jars, ribbon, labels, and some sugar and butter...

The favors!!

The insides were the best part...we made boysenberry cookies to fill up each of the jars and dangled little 'it's a boy' charms that we snagged from Michael's with ribbon around the lid.

Boy-senberry Cookies!!

My favorite part was the opening of the gifts...why are things that are miniature sized so cute?

Wee flips!

Jules' belly was getting manhandled all day with everyone trying to feel his little kicks!!

Belly Shot!

Fun afternoon with great friends in a $1 dress!  Apologies for that before pic snafu...I'm on it so it won't happen again!!