Week 31: Dolly Update!

Being that the Dolly Parton contest has come to an end (congrats to the winner Lent, who will be getting this fab package soon) I spent some time getting the T-shirt blinged out with some matching turquoise rhinestones to go on top of 'Dolly' in script! Razzle Dazzle!

I ended up using some fabric glue (the 'Bling & Beauty' variety I snagged at Joann's) and went to my box of gems.

Box O'Rhinestones

I have an affinity for rhinestones and rifled through my stash to find just the ones that would work on the T.

I began my glue dabbing drill of dab, then place, dab, then place until the letters were covered in shine!

Glue & Place

We'll have to see if we can have Lent send a pic of her in the top, but in the meantime I'll update the post and add another shot of the final look in the morning when it can be moved and picked up after fully drying!

UPDATE: Finished bedazzled product!  A little microphone bling and some shiny blue stars in the background...

Le Fin!