Week 31: Amanda

I wanted to make something nautical for the day's events and this striped number sent to me from Amanda in NY (whoot, whoot for my hometown!) was going to be just that. Week 31: Amanda - Before

In a fun green ink, her letter began..."I finally got permission to clean my mom's closet out and get rid of some of the 'interesting clothes she wears.  This piece is coming from her closet and it needs some love.  I saw it and thought of you.  I think you are going to love the broken button :)"

PacMan button!

Amanda, you're totally right...I LOVE that button, but today we're not focusing on the top of the piece, we're focusing on the bottom!

I started off by cutting the piece in two!

Two parts!

I took the bottom of the piece and got cracking as I'm going to have a brand new skirt to wear today!  I took in about three inches to make it a bit more fitted at the waist.

Pin & take in!

After stitching...

Taking in!

I took some thick elastic (1 1/2") and decided to use that as my new waist band!  I pinned it directly to the fabric on the top and sewed the two ends together as well as in place.

Attach that belt!

Skirt was totally complete for a day on the water...

The Hornblower!!

Nothing like a little brunch/champagne cruise to celebrate LG and her bridal shower!!  Couldn't wait to find the captain to take my after pic with!!

Oh Captain, My Captain

I paired my new skirt with a fun red Forever 21 top that came right outta my closet!  We all grabbed seats at our table and had fun little goodies waiting for us.  (A tea infused vodka cocktail is what the present should become we were told...will keep you posted!)

The Favors...

Once we sat, the games began!  We started and had to list LG's seven wedding day necessities...

The Games!

The bottom two were gum and bobby pins, which paired with the JD gave me three correct wins, however glitter should have been an honorary mention/extra credit because glitter to LG is like a sewing machine to me.  I can't pull it off but she does it flawlessly!!

Next game was an all or nothing, betting one where questions about the groom were asked.  If LG got them right, she got the cash that each question was worth, but if she got the Q wrong...the money went to one of the gals around the table.  She did pretty well...

LG knows her man!

We got to have girl time...

Brunch buddy!

...and catch up over delish eats.

Le Spread du Shrimp

Unfortch, I'm not a shrimp fan (I know, a travesty, right?!) but got my fill of eggs and potatoes instead.

We played on the top of the ship, however I'm surprised that no Titanic recreations were had.

A View From The (Roof)Top

We took lots of pics...

SPF 30 Time!

...and had lots of cheers and some lovely toasts!

Cheers to the Soon-to-be-Bride!

Because I just didn't want the day to end, I thought I'd bring a little treat home with me!

Snack to go!

Uh, smart move Maris because obviously it wasn't going to make it very far with my clumsy hands...

That cupcake didn't want to go...

I just walked off the boat and kablam.  I did enjoy the sunny side up egg look that the cupcake made, but the deckhand who had to handle the business...

Cleaning up my mess

...probably wasn't too thrilled.  (I even tried to clean it myself but they said no!)

Thank you Amanda!!  The top of the piece is coming soon...broken buttons beware!!  Mwahahahah!!