Week 31: Josie's NDAD Creation

I got a fabulous email from my gal Josie and loved what she sent my way... "Inspired by your blog, I bought a cheap sewing machine the day after I first read it (through Yahoo news).  Almost a year later, I can proudly say I haven't bought any new clothes - I just take my mom's oldies but goodies, or incredibly cheap stuff from thrift shops (even 'shopping in my closet' for clothes I don't wear anymore and thus have freedom to alter). This is a very big deal, as I'm a graduate student with not much money but a huge penchant for unique clothing; this is probably the kindest I've ever been to my credit cards in a long time.

Anyway, I had the confidence to apply to the New School's Recycled Runway fashion show; mostly Parson's students were designers, but I had new-found confidence that I could do just as well as any fashion student.

You go girl!!  Here is Josie's before...

Josie - Before

Yikes, stripes, fruit stripes gum!!

Here is the after pic of one of the dresses I entered (even using some famous 'Marisa' tricks).

Josie - After

I can proudly say that they 'walked down the runway' on April 17. Hope you like :)"

Me like, me like!!  Way to go - chic and sassy and I'm so proud of you lady!!