Week 32: SMURF-day

When I was a kid I was literally obsessed with Smurfs.  My parents have held onto my bag of tricks... The sun will come out...

...which have been stored in an Annie tote bag over the years, the same bag they hung out in back in the 80s.  Classic Marisa.  I also wanted to be Smurfette.  Again, classic Marisa.

Smurfette :)

I couldn't resist a little Smurf inspired outfit to tie into the release of the new movie.  See, I was a cartoon addict watching this on top of my Alvin and the Chipmunks and Scooby-Doo episodes on a frequent basis so I was super excited to see these all come to the big screen until I realized they're not the same cartoons I watched as a kid and honestly look super weird with all the CGI.


However, as an homage to the show that I loved, I figured I'd go blue today!!

SMURFday -Before

I started off by taking the sleeves off.  I loved the ruffled front and wanted to make that the focal point.

Sleeves fix!

After seam ripping and removing the sleeves...

No sleeves!

...I pinned and prepped my Smurf outfit for some sewing.

Sleeves pinned!

I tweaked my sleeves...

Sew down!

...and took some grosgrain ribbon and cut a hunk off to make a belt with.  Instead of taking in the dress, I just cinched and gathered the waist with the ribbon.


Now that I was done, I had to take a pic with my Smurfmobile...

SMURF-day - After

...before grabbing some refreshments...

First Ecto Cooler, then Smurf Juice!

I saw my peeps flying high...

Billboard action

...before I did a little hanging with them at home.  Just baking bread, enjoying ballet and sawing wood.

Multi-talented Smurfs!

Plus I made some Smurf bling of my own with a little felt and one of my vintage gold chains.

And, I'll leave you with this, which always makes me smile...

La la la-la la la, la la la la la!