Week 32: Anna's NDAD Creation

I love costuming on a budget, so Anna's email made me smile and cheer!!  Who doesn't love theme parties and jungle themed ones, to boot?  Amazing!! "This past weekend my friends and I dreamed up a ridiculously over the top jungle themed birthday party for one of our friends. We wanted to make it a costume party too (varying from animals to hunters to missionaries trying to fit in), but I was short on time and money. What was I do to?!

I had just been to the Philippines six months before and had been gifted a malong - a traditional cloth, much like a sarong, worn by indigenous tribes in the Southern Philippines.

Anna - Before

The malong is essentially a big sheet sewn together into a tube. It is used for so many things -- as a skirt, a baby basket, a blanket and even a changing room. Having read your blog for months now I had just the inspiration to transform my malong into a cute dress!

First, in traditional malong style I folded the two sides of the malong into the middle, I put a cute belt on to secure the fabric in place, and then I folded down the top corners of the dress in the front to add some texture to the top (remembering how you fold the fabric down to sew a v-neck). With some gold jewelry to top it all off -- I dubbed myself the "jungle queen!"

Anna - After

Thanks for your great blog! I never get tired of reading it or cease being amazed by your creativity!"
Anna, your jungle queen ensemble is Tarzan-worthy!!  Cheap (free in Anna's case), cute, and chic - my favorite triple word play!!