Week 32: Mel

It's a red dress day for me thanks to Mel in Milwaukee!! Week 32: Mel - Before

"Maybe you can use this for the 4th?  The ruffles on the top of the dress are cute, but the rest is a bit lackluster.  I wanted to do something with it but am moving and would rather you try, because I'll pack it up and won't find it until December :)  Hopefully it's a festive piece for you and you get something out of it!!"

It's been pretty hot (not as hot as the rest of the US, DCers, good luck in that 100 degree heat and those of you in Tulsa, OK...103, woo, welcome to the Century Club) so a sundress was what I was going to turn this into.  Our Austrian fam is spending their last day here in LA and we're heading to my fave sausage joint, Wurstkuche.  I was given the legit pronunciation from my German speaking cuz...Wursht(with a rolling r)-kook-kay.  Probably would have made more sense to learn this language instead of French.

OK, took off those sleeves first - trimmed right where the pouffy sleeve began beneath those ruffles!

Puff Sleeve Off!

After the sleeve was off, I made a cleaner trim...

Tight Trim!

...and then seam ripped right at the arm hole to take off the excess fabric that was leftover.

Seam ripping at the arm

Now there was a spot at the bottom of the skirt...

Ink Marks the Spot!

...and I wasn't going to let the spottage stay, so I got my shears and trimmed away.

No more spots!

There was no belt for the belt loops, so I decided to create my own!  I grabbed some cute elastic with rainbow hearts, completely reminiscent of something I wore in third grade...

Elastic Time!!

...and got some cool plastic clasps to be my buckle!

Belt Clasps!

I measured my waist and trimmed the elastic to fit.

Measured & cut!

I took the edges of my elastic and weaved it through the plastic buckle.  If the material was thinner than the elastic I used, I would have sewed it down, however all I needed to do was cinch and pull through.

Elastic's attached!

After some sewing (a new hem and the arms) I was done with my new summer dress!

Week 32: Mel - After

More summer, less frump!  And, cut to a close up on the belt...

Belt time!

I was obsessed with the backdrop outside of Wurstkuche and felt like the color palette was just right for what I was wearing.

Well hello wolf friends!

We took a final family shot...

Family pic!

...before heading in to feast on sausages, Belgium fries, and a plethora of mustard options!

Me and TP sat next to each other and rocked out to the tunes that the DJ was spinning...


...while we enjoyed the deliciousness!

Chile & Cilantro Turkey/Chicken Sausage!

I snagged SF's fedora for a quick pic...


...before getting back down to eating business.  We devoured the toppings for our brats like they were going out of style...

Onions, Peppers, & Sauerkraut!

SF and myself shared a birthday handshake and sip to celebrate our same birth year.  He's a smidge older and already hit the 3-2 mark, but I've still got a handful of months to go!


Post dinner, we finished up our pre-meal photo shoot...

Blending in with the wall art!

...and spent some time with Bill Murray because he just happened to be in the hood.

Yep, Bill Murray was there too...

We had a most fabulous time with the Austrians and are sad to see them go, however this just means a trip abroad needs to happen sooner than later.  NDAD on the road perhaps?  That sounds perfect :)  Prost!!