Week 32: Dolly Parton, y'all!

Now there was a dress from last year (Day 318) that was a total winner... Hello Day 318 Before!

...and looked like this when I was done with it:

Day 318 - After

...so when I came across the SAME dress just a month ago...

Hello again!!

...I A, knew I had to try another reworking and B, knew I had my outfit for the Dolly Parton concert that I had tickets for.


I mostly got tickets because friends were going and boy, was I surprised how awesome it ended up being!!  Back to the fringe...

I decided to go down the dye route and thought lavender would be a fun shade to work with.  I took RIT Dye in Purple..


...and headed to the washing machine.  I filled up the machine with hot water, salt, and the fringetastic dress!

Fill 'er up!

Because I wanted lavender and not purple, I just added about a capful of dye to the bath.

Dye time!

Post-wash, the fringe was looking ready to party!!  Since I kept the piece last year with the lacy shoulders, I decided to go another route this time - we're going strapless!!  I cut off both sleeves...

Trim those sleeves off!

...and that heinous collar and was left with this:

Could be a rad bolero :)

Anyone need a costume in October?  Once the top was trimmed off, I began pinning the top of the new piece to get it ready to be sewn into somethin strapless.

Pin it down!

Top was sewn...

Sewing for Dolly!

...belt was added, and dress was complete!

Hello Dolly!!

Fringe and lace for my girl...

Another night at the Bowl...

Dolly rolled out in straight sequins and even her piano was bedazzled!

Rhinestone Cowboy!!

She covered everything from Led Zeppelin ('Stairway to Heaven') to Miley Cyrus (the theme song to Hannah Montana was performed, because goddaughter Miley was in the audience) and seriously rocked out some 'Islands in the Stream' sans Kenny Rogers.

 AK & KK's themey pineapple cups!

Then, the song that got stuck in my head for the rest of the night...

Workin' 9 to 5!

The whole audience was up and singing along which was a total hoot!!

Jolly for Dolly!!

I loved seeing all the cowboy hats and boots on the crowd, making me thrilled I went down the costume route and wore the fringe!!

In celebration of all that is Dolly, we're doing another giveaway!!  I scored a t-shirt post-show that will be appropriately bedazzled with rhinestones to accompany Samy hair spray, faux nails, Sally Hansen mascara, and Foot Petals to keep those stilettos from giving you blisters - the ultimate Dolly pack that would make the country star proud!

Dolly Prize Pack!

Leave a comment below to enter and the winner will be randomly picked Friday, 7/29!!  Good luck y'all!!