Week 32: Shoot Update & FNL Giveaway!

I wanted to give you guys a quick look into the shoot last week - I had an amazing creative team helping out and I just can't wait for you all to see the finished product later on down the road!! I procured a whole lotta outfits to shoot - more than I actually needed, just to have some backups in case anything goes wrong.  You never know if a lovely pigeon decides to make me a target and do its business on my newly dyed pink shoulder while we shoot all the after shots!

Hello rack!!

My amazing makeup artist and hair expert Carly Ryan (she worked her magic on Oscar Sunday when I did a segment for E!) was back to coiff and primp...

Hair tweakage!

...and Jordan Whitley (she took my blog shot!) was back helming the camera.

JW, the photog!

Lots of touch ups...

Hair tweaks!

...and body makeup!!

Body Painting!!

Not to mention my creative director Dashiell Webb who helped everything flow and look amazing.

The Creative Team!

This is what happens when Marisa tries to shoot herself with one hand...

Mmm, blurry city!!

Thank goodness I have someone helping out :)

After a very, very long day, I literally fell to the grass and passed out.  I wore flip flops the entire time and with the lack of support on my feet, they were hurting like the Dickens!

Oh, so tired!

But nothing that a veggie burrito and getting serenaded by a fab guitarist at Casa Vega couldn't cure!

Also, I finally caught up on the finale of Friday Night Lights, a show that I've been head over heels in love with since it started in 2006...

No more Coach, the love affair of Julie and Matt Saracen, Mrs. T, the city of Dillon, TX, Vince, Garrity...

Dillon Panthers 4eva!!

...and most importantly Tim Riggins.  I mean, my TV crush is no more.  Time to find someone new to replace.


So, with one of my favorite shows finishing up, I thought a little giveaway would be in order to celebrate the finale...

A special FNL sweatshirt and some Tresemme hair gel and mousse is on the prize trail, because who doesn't want a little bit of big Texas hair to accompany the hoodie?

Everything's Big in Texas!!

Leave a comment below and a winner will be picked on Friday, y'all!!

UPDATE: Miss Jamamaxfield is the winner!  Congrats and more giveaways to come...